My biggest fantasy came true

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  1. It's been 8 years I was in relationship with a beautiful girl, we met after school in our graduation and came to relationship. She was very open to everything and very bold which made me more attracted towards her. From beginning only we had a very charged up sexuall life. She always challenges for weird situation make outs and we so them also.
    But certain if her challenges has changed my life of fantasy forever. She always says that it's difficult to makeout in public here in India. But we always accept that challenge, so we end up making out and having sex in public places like Ally's, small bushy forests, abondoned houses and many other places. All the time when we get involved in this places, I always get a fear of being watched or somebody may catch us but slowly slowly this thing "of being watched", has became an arousing thought of mine. But I have never thought that this thought will lead to my so deeper and darker fantasies.
    Once we planned for a vacation at a nearby beach. We were planning to have some quality and personal we booked a resort in a nearby beach destination which was very secluded from the main crowdy tourist place, and that was exactly what we were wanting, and that's where everything slowly started with me.
    We were at beach having fun there were only 2 to 3 more couples wandering, she was all wet and revealing her beautiful round breast and perfect ass through the drenched skirt and t shirt. We were on our best of arousing each other and in mean time I was noticing our room service guy who was very young may be 3 to 4 years younger to us was making round around us and was checking her out. First I thought I will confront him but suddenly I just stopped myself and just allowed the check. Though he was not misbehaving with her or us, he was just standing little far from us and looking at her in a very subtle way.
    The way he was looking at her and touching himself aroused me. Then whenit became dark she asked me to get back to the room so that she get bath, and knowingly I asked her to go with him to the room, while I will smoke cigarettes and come and I was in front of our personal cottage only.
    That resort was made off of traditional theme so there were few lights outside the cottages, after she went inside the bathroom the room service guy quickly came out of the room and asked me for the money to buy booz which we have told him earlier to get for us, and after that he disappeared. After 2 min I just went behind our cottage to check casually what's there, but instead the thing which I saw has awakened my inner fantasy which kept me bothering for many days.
    I saw the guy peeping through the bathroom window of our cottage and jerking off on seeing my girlfriend taking bath. I didn't stoped him I just walked away quitely with accelerated heart beat. That made me so aroused that I straight went inside the room and to the washroom and grabbed her naked body and squeezed her beautiful tendered breast and started having wild sex with my girlfriend knowingly that he is watching and my girlfriend claimed latter that it was the best sex with me till that time.
    Later in night we drank whole night and I fucked her she sucked me entire night. Believe me that was the best sex night we ever had. Early morning she was drunk like hell and slept like an horse. It was around 6 in the morning she was hard slept, I came outside the cottage to smoke. The entire resort was silenced as everyone were sleeping, I saw our room service guy sweeping the floor alone. I called him he came to me, then I asked what were u doing yesterday evening near the bathroom. He suddenly got nervous and started stamering. Then I told him it's ok you don't need to get afraid it's ok. I was just very anxious to hear things about my girlfriend from him, because it was very arousing for me. I make him sat I discussed with him about his life, girls then to make him more comfortable I showed him some of her nude pics that I had in my phone. Then he oppened up, he started describing her, her breast, her waist, her ass everything. He started telling what he was thinking when he was watching her naked in washroom. All those things were coming as a visual to me and literally I was visualising him fucking and sucking my GF. That made me so aroused that I told him to get inside the room if he wanted to see more because she was sleeping all naked, and his only wish was to just touch and kiss her body parts so I offered him to go inside and touch, while I will be outside. He went in, she was in her deep sleep all naked only a sheet covering her ass. I was checking through window , this boy went In all nervous he was shivering but seeing her naked he was aroused. He then slowly lifted the sheet and touched her ass, her breast and kissed her breast squeezed it very gently, and kissed her ass and started jerking inside his pant and on seeing the entire sequence I cummed without jerking. It was so arousing for me. That day I understood seeing my GF getting involved with others is my biggest fantasy, which later after a year got fulfilled.

    Please see my next thread for fullfiled story.
  2. Good for you man! Don't care what people think. It's all about you, and your sweet godess.
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  3. Cuck! I'm just kidding, it's pretty hot but nobody would admit it for fear of losing their "man card".
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  4. You were complicit in a sexual assault. She didn't consent to some stranger grabbing at her.

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