my best high

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  1. so i feel liek telling you blades about my bets high which happened to be my first. apologies for possible lameness, but it was the time of my life. let me take you back about 2-3 years ago. im with my friend fish and tyler and we pick up danky weed (forgot how much) and go back to tylers house to figure out where were gonna smoke this. btw i smoked twice before this but only had a few hits and didnt really get high. so were at tylers and him and fish make an apple bong while i was sitting there like a little noob and shit.

    so we decided to go to this now retirement home next to a massive park but this place used to be a monastery or some shit and looked like something out of harry potter. we walk down some ways and sit down in a field and start tokein. im coughing up a fucking storm and smoked until i couldn't smoke no more. i was ripped outta of my mind. i remember fish threw out some ash to the side for another bowl and it was still smoking, i swear it looked like mini smoky deer were just jumping out of it so i started laughing at it like a mad man.

    so we decided we should head back now an stood i think we all know what that can be like:). so anyway we started walking up the hill towards the harry potter looking building and we started just shouting "its hogwarts!" :eek: and started to do some fun little harry potter impressions having a good time. so we get to the road and started to walk down side streets to get to tylers. for some reason i was just fascinated at all the houses. i even thought for a little bit i was walking down memory lane or something. everything seemed so oddly familiar but i never saw any of these houses before. i came to the conclusion that one house even looked like mickey mouses house from disney world. so i catch up with fish and tyler and we walk for about 5 minutes and i remember saying"guys.. are we going the right way? it seems like we just turn around streets randomly." so tyler says something liek shit dude are we, where are we fish we just were following you." suddenly fish gets kinda shy/scared and said something like "wu..wut.. im sorry guys.. are we lost? i didnt mean to get lost.. are we in the city or something?" when he said that it did seem like we were in the city haha i started freaking out but eventually we found our way back.

    so, were back at tylers and the kid who sold to us, justin, stopped by to check how ripped we were. i played connec four and battleship with him and lost everytime and we laugh and shit enjoying ourselves. so he wants to hitch a ride on one of our bikes back to his house. tyler gets ina bummy mood and fish said he will give him a lift on the handlebars if i go with him on my bike. so i agree and halfway there i started to get worried that im gonna fall. i just remember staring and shaking my handlebars as i slowly swerve over to the curve and totally whip out:eek:. haha fish and justin just were just laughing their asses off while im sitting on the pavement looking like "wtf just happened?" soon after that we get back to tylers and pass out. best high, and first high ive ever had.:smoke:

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