my best friend has gone

Discussion in 'General' started by bobfish, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. i am having the worst time of my live first of all some1 els drank the chocletmilk i pay for for me and that is like pissing on my grave then the pizza was late and cold and to top it of i have just broken my best glass bong it had 4 chambers an ice twist and everything it was my first one i ever got i have others but thay arnt the same so in protest im missing collage aand geting stoned on joints
  2. well then today should be a good day for you! as soon as that pinner is lite up, the sun starts shinnin. well hope you do have a better day. and i'll be smokin here too, soon as the kids are off to school. have a good one!
  3. yeah, sorry to hear about that.....I remember how bummed I was when my cat broke my first glass bowl...(so sad!)
  4. think of it this way, now you can get an even better bong. Change is good
  5. losing a bong can really suck. if we broke our 2-footer at this point i couldn't replace it monetary-wise...

    and you get attached! so i feel your pain... but change is good and your friend is in bong-heaven right now smoking out all your ancestors ;)
  6. I too just had a bong kinda break...lets just say its outa use for now, my little brother was being a fiend and tryed to clean the stem and broke it then tryed blaming it on the cat. Now ive gotta make another trip to the local head shop and pick up a new off to do that now actually......................

  7. my best freind, solarsensimilla, has this bong shaped like a buddha that hes had for a lonnggg time. im sure hes literally worshipped it some nights when hes too blazed to do anything. lol. but anways.. one time he knocked it off his table on accident, and i some how managed to catch it with my FOOT from like 8 feet away.. it was the most amazing catch ever. u shoulda seen his face when he reliazed he knocked it over...he was so shocked he couldnt even move to try to catch it. it was pretty intense

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