MY BEST almost 420 story/ pipe/ how it got stolen

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  1. ok senior year it was 4/19/06 almost 4/20 and me and friend walking home from the weight room after school we talk about wats gong down tomorrow ext... we walk like 2 blocks to this ally wich is a short cut half way threw eli says look!!! and the there was a purple glass spoon pipe just laying on the floor. was the sickest shit ever. heres were peplz stop to beleave me
    walk 4 more block and find a lighter almost half gone but still working :) we both were like " ITS A SIGH FROM THE 4 20 GODSS WE HAVE TO SMOKE!!!" WALK ABOUT HALF ANOTHER BLOCK decide to split up cuz he lives in opposite direction i look at the time cuz hes gotta be home by 5 and it 4:20!!!!!! and after that we were like FUCKKKKKKK!!! it we gotta toke today too much of coincidence. we pak 3 bowls at the park were we were and break in the new pipe. it changed color from purple to blue to green almost. then leave the pipe in the park to buts sessions later cuz both of our parents r reall naziz about bud

    anyways next day it 4/20/06 walking home again getting stoked cuz were going to this killer party later on we see 2 guys frum skool at park smokin bud out of a tin foil shit . and im the sorta guy that likes to help a fellow stoner out so i show them were the pipe is and we smoke a couple blows then i gotta leave. so i tell them to put it back when there done so that it can always b there. and there like ok:) ps WE GOT HIGH AS SHYYTTTT AT PARTY.:smoking:

    like a week later we go back to the spot me and my boy eli and its gone!!! i was so fukin pissed it was my first and best pipe everyone since it is nte the same:( i know it was kinda a bad move on our part but cmon if somesones kind enophe to let you nice things put them bak were you found it. anywasy i see him next day at skool and i ask WTF IS WITH MY PIPE I LENT YOU!!! and hes said wat r you talking about i said you know the purple glass one . now he remebers and says it got lost. dont belive that shit for a moment cuz his friend is laphing, i beat the shit out of him. didnt really make me feel too much better seeing as how im a peacful guy and all. but wat he did is NOT COOL to do to anyone, so respect other peoplez shit if there kind enoph to lend you things!!
  2. pics or it didnt happen
  3. Next time keep the fuckin pipe.
  4. His grammar good
  5. I only ask for pics on dumb threads.
  6. You went full retard man.

    Never go full retard.

  7. I was just thinking this, did you have a seizure while you were typing or something?

  8. hahahah!

    but yeah.. that was dumb you shoulda kept the pipe..
  9. your a dumbass saying post pics if I was under age at the time. yeh take a pic of somthing that can potentially incrminate me if someone found it my parents would have told cops r sum shyt. plus do u keep a camera with u at all times to take pics of your smoking sessions? thought so
  10. i dont know why your so upset someone took it from your spot. i mean you found it on the ground. it was a sweet piece, so i guess youll know better next time
  11. I stopped reading because I cant really understand what your saying I have to re read the sentences lol
  12. brain hurtzzz
  13. im glad i scrolled down, im not the only one who couldnt get through this shit
  14. alright here is my almost 420 story/ pipe/ how it got stolen

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    IT WA CWAZY!!!

  15. haha so true
  16. Troll. It has to be.

  17. Nah man, hiz grammer is grate. :smoke:
  18. yeah but you found it so you didnt follow the "put it back where you found it rule either" so shut the fuck up fag
  19. ^ winner

  20. we found on the corner next to the curb you seriously would have put it back next to the curb were it could get smashed by a car?

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