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  1. Ok, so I've gotten 2 orders from Seedboutique and both have come in the mail, one last year, and one this year. So I decided I wanted to place a third order and stock up on some Mandala gear, and I ordered 3 packs of 3 different strains. All were in stock and the cost came out to about 105 USD and I had a prepaid credit card to buy these with. I used the same exact credit card for my last order placed less than a month ago which I now have (and was disappointed with, got several white seeds and I know thats not Gypsy Nirvanas fault). I had enough money on my credit card to buy these seeds (about 115USD). So my order gets declined, (dont know why) and then those assholes have the nerve to not give my money back. I went to re-order thinking I may have done something wrong with the number but I find out that I have insufficient funds. WTF? So then I go to my credit card website and look at my transactions and I see 'SBN - Pending...-103$'. Then I'm like ok wtf so I send seed boutique an enquiry email and I send a response email to the email they sent me about my order being declined. On both of them all I got was 'your order has been declined and the transaction has not been made' and so I say 'then why has my money disappeared? Now I can't order and get what I'm looking for' and I get the same response.

    So I did some research and I find out that its supposed to take 10 days (10 fucking days? seriously? what a fuckin pain) for my money to come back to my credit card. But today I just looked to see if the money came back and now I find that the order is no longer pending on my transaction page but instead it says "Posted" as if it was an order that was completed. So my money has been stolen and the seeds have not arrived in the mail nor will they because my order has been declined.

    So thats my problem with seedboutiqe, I will never order from that site again and those guys can kiss my ass. From now on my orders are going to the Attitude and Sannies.

    And btw, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I wanted as many people as I could get to see this so they dont make the same damn mistake! Fucking seedy ass business it is indeed.:mad:
  2. Damn, was getting ready to order to some seeds myself i'll keep that in mind. Sucks about your order though man.
  3. Hey man, I'm not gonna sit here and say they're going to fuck you like they did me, I have had good experiences with them, but I also ordered from Attitude on the same day (both seed packages came in from Gypsy and Attitude on the same exact day) and Attitude gives you tracking for your package so you can see where its at and etc. Which nirvana doesnt. However, Attitude also has a bit higher shipping prices, but still, I'd pick them over Seedy boutique anyday.
  4. How discreet is Attitude's shipping?
  5. I liked attitudes shipping MUCH better than seed boutiques. Seed boutiques wasn't even that discreet if you ask kind of special case or anything to seal up the seeds, (they did have something to protect them, but it wasn't really the best way to be stealthy if you ask me). I ordered 'with sweets' from attitude and they came perfect and everything, and under 2 weeks (was like 9 days at the most, maybe 8)

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