My beautiful budding indic a

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jeremybxtriv, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I am growing some LSD strain and it is beautiful. The pistils on the inner buds of the plant are starting to turn amber, most of them are still white but they are starting to get amber hairs. And the hairs on the outer rim of buds on the plant aren't amber at all.

    So a few things,

    1. Do i wait till 80% of ALL hairs on the plant are amber or just most of the buds?
    2. What do i need for harvesting?
    3. How long do i dry the buds when they hang upside down?
    4. After the drying duration, do i just put the buds in air tight jars for curing?

    Also, i need a drying setup. I have a closet with big open shelves so i can probably do my drying in there but i need a way to get a drying line up without damaging the walls in the closet.

    Here are the pics of the plant right now. This is all the same plant, inside and outside buds.

  2. Cmon, this is one sexy lady over here.
  3. mmmm Indica <3 cant wait for mine to bud
  4. Haha its my favorite type of bud :)
  5. Aw, I'd give that beautiful plant a hug and sing it sweet lullabies!
  6. Hell yeah man

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