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  1. High everyone [​IMG]

    I got 2 chambers the same size..1 chamber is split in half {top to bottom}The full demensions are 27"deep x 60"wide x 72"high.. [​IMG] The one you see with plants in it, now has 4 100watt Metal halide lights setup to go across the top..I got each light 12"s apart..
    At each end or the chamber I got 80watts of red GRO-LUX fluors.That is the 12/12 chamber {flower chamber}...Now in the top of the other chamber ther is 240 watts of fluors hanging overhead..This is where I start my babys.. :D On the bottom I got 2 100 watt metal halide lights..This is for clones..I am just starting to experiment with clones.. [​IMG] I am now growing with super soil that I got at home depot, I really like how good my plants are growing..It is the best {in the bag ready to go } soil that I have found..I've tried most other brands an none seem to work as well.. :D I start my seeds in 6" pots..{I only transplant once}an I keep them like that till 4 or 5 weeks an transplant into 3 gal buckets..Then I start watching real close to see when they need food..I use Miracle Gro..20-20-20..In 2 to 3 more weeks I then put them into the flower chamber..Food schultz 10-60-10 for flowering stage..12 to 16 weeks total an hope for great big buds..That is the basic setup that I got..stay cool an Grow big budz.. [​IMG]

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  2. Sounds good to me :D I still live at home with my parents but they dont mind if I have a little set up I just use my closet There is a self that is 2.5 feet from the ceiling on the ceiling I have 2 4foot 200watt cool white flours this is for my babies :) From the floor to the self is about or just over 6 feet I took off the rod you hang you coats on and put up a 1000watt HPS light, I also use 8 4 foot 200watt cool white flours on the walls for side lighting. I have 8 5 gallon buckets to grow in I dont use any cemicals or ferts nothing, just water.It has worked out well since I started indoor 3 years ago.
  3. High [​IMG]

    Like I always say..If it works for you, and makes you happy, then it is a successful GROW..Stay cool.. :D :D :D
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  4. I say! I forgot to mention the clones I always have a few or more clones about a month or so behind the others so I have lots to harvest :D
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  5. High [​IMG]

    Here is a drawing of chambers an where I got my fans positioned..Very important to have proper ventilation..I use a series of 3" puter fans..I got 10" fan inside blowing on plants so they will grow to be big an strong.. :D :D :D This setup works for me.. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  6. Damn I keep forgeting but I also have 3 fans in the closet, 1 little 5" fan up top and 2 10" on the walls on each side of the grow room between the HPS and flours...there are always set on the speed, one :D
  7. Sounds like a pretty good set-up Panhead :)

    I keep telling myself... six more weeks, six more weeks. mmmm my babies are looking beautiful .. mmmm! six more weeks!
  8. High Soulzero [​IMG]

    Thanks.. :D I put alot of hard work into trying to make the perfect enviroment for my plants..I am always haveing to modify to make up difference in weather..I got it in garage an it stays 10* warmer in there than the summer I let my swamp cooler cool the garage and my house..seems to help alot..You're right about just 6 more weeks..It is hard ..Odors in my garage keep my mouth watering..Just 5 more weeks..Just 4 more weeks..LOL..Stay cool man.. :cool:
  9. Nice setup you have there panhead :)

    What does the temp get to in the summertime.??
    Out side temp that is.

    I was thinking of putting a swamp cooler in my garage for my setup in the summertime.But i think i will have to go with a small window ac.Cause the temp here gets WAY HOT over 110 in june-july

    im in the southern central valley of Cali

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  10. WHOA! Too hot for my :D Marijuana based/Canadian blood :D
  11. Hi wish
    Ya it gets pretty HOT down here LOL
    Im on the edge of the california dessert
    Summer times a BITCH but you get used to it

    What lighting do you use for veg and flower??

    DOOOHHH never mind panhead i see the answer is all ready posted heheheheh

    guess im a lil baked :D :D

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  12. High there Whoandi

    What I would in your case is a AC..I'll bet you got lots of humidity in S. Calif..I fight humidity because I live next to the N. Platte river..{ good fishing though}Any how try that..It is mostly trial an error..stay cool.. :D :D :D

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