My bands first song

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  1. That shits tight! Post some more if you got it man.
  2. ok the link brought me to like a watch later can I hear it? wld like to.
  3. Is there a video on that list called black metal jam and the picture is just black?

    Fuck well also you can just go to YouTube and type in rkforthman(drummers account) it's there if you wanna do that to hear it.
  4. Here's the video:

    [ame=]Blackmetal jam - YouTube[/ame]

    Cool song :) Keep up the creativity!
  5. Haha thanks for fixing that man. I fucked it up.

    And thanks for enjoying it
  6. thank u drumcrazy too....dude, ur band is siiiccKKk . ugh would b a great band to listen to live.

  7. Thanks man. Haven't even played a show yet but were gonna soon
  8. hey vomitory, What instrument are you on?
  9. I sense a disturbing lack of double bass in this... you call this black metal?
  10. There's double bass man. It's just that we have no good recording equipment.

    Like worse than burzums when varg was in prison

  11. Hm. Then I suggest you get some better recording equipment.

    Listen carefully to the drums in As Hot As Hell Is.
    Last Summer In Heaven | Ultimate-Guitar.Com
  12. Props on the screamo though, our screamo right now currently sounds like crap. But those songs are a couple years old, we are going to rerecord those and put them on an album.
  13. Thanks man. That's me doin those screams. Haha and hell ya we need better equipment

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