My bad, but need help out of it.

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    My babies ^ 6 weeks into ive been feeding them all the same amount of nutes....ya i know...big no no...the purple haze appears to be more of a ph issue, i wasnt setting out my water....but the super lemon haze (middle) and sour deisel( far right) are showing more of a nutes burn i think...and idk why that lemon haze grew so tall!!! but it was veged same amount of time, but its making me not be able to drop light low on others lol

    Ive been feeding aproxx 50% of what the Advanced Nutes Sensi bloom a and B, big bud,over drive,senzisym, b52 a week, except today is feeding, and i did just water. i am retarded and do not cash for a ph tester...i fell for the PH perfect bloom, and didnt budget, i know 10 ramon noodle poor folks LMFAO!!!

    SD...Should i flush her?

    this one is 7 weeks into flower purple haze, eats the nutes good imo...just tips prob from not letting water sit 24-48h

    Wish my camera took close ups, they are big buds, and B E A UTIFUL..i need a patients class, anyone?
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  2. What is there to help with? Your plants seem pretty ok. Only been flowering 6 weeks so got a ways to go. You have some burnt spots but hardly anything to freak out about. Some burnt tips buy

    Who says you have to leave your water out? Sure probably helps but Ive never done it. Grown lots of dope.

    Your Super Lemon Haze grew tall because its a mostly Sativa plant and SLH can grow to enormus sizes. It will always grow naturally tall.
  3. Thank you very much!! im glad it was you to respond, your opinion means alot! Paranoid I am.

    I didnt know that it would get that tall, with 4-5 weeks left how much taller do you think it would get, its in a 3 and half gallon pot.

    Just got my microscope in and everything is really really clear, and tons of was a beautiful experience to see first hand for the first time..

  4. Dunno how big as I have not grown one. Check out Green House Seed website and watch there grow sessions video and its over 6 feet tall. Youtube it they get tall.
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    Holy shit i need a hydro system lol! side by side view is remarkable, although i think my soil one is bigger than that one already they have in soil!

    650g from hydro...225 from!
  6. Leaving untreated tap water out to help remove chlorine and any other evaporating chemicals. Its a good idea if your water source is treated more than normal.
    Some people say the water loses oxygen that way others say you can just shake your water around if that was an issue and fix it.

    I used to water that way. Now I just use strait tap water and have never had any issues. Your water needs to be pretty bad to have to let it sit out.

    This is a good idea for seedlings though, but not necessary throughout whole grow. (unless your water is rats ass nasty, but you should be able to tell)
  7. was just reading report on my tap water...the ph is 8.7 average it says lol...ouch!

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