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  1. ok i need help growing my plant ....they are about 6 inc tall in the 10th day of me planting them i replanted them up to the the leaves so the stem would be stronger ...i wanna know if im doing the right thing or not ..i would really like some pointers if n e 1 would like to help that would be nice
  2. You're on the right track. Adding soil til it's under the first set of "true" leaves promotes strong and healthy stems. I usually put the top of a 2 liter bottle over seedlings when they're that young to keep it humid. If the stem gets flimsy or topheavy then prop a toothpick up against the stem to keep it from falling over. What I do is cut a straw right down the middle and put it around the stem til it can stand well on it's own. Good Luck!
  3. is there a way for me to help me speed up the process of growing my plant..i love the way the leaves and trees look.
  4. Depending on your lighting, you could leave the lights on 24/7. Not recommended if you're running a HID, only flourescents.
  5. Also when burying the stems, be careful not to overwater the soil. Fungus will attack the stem if its too wet and the stem will strangle off and die, aka dampening off.

    Ease up the water or water from the bottem only until the plant has a good strong growth.

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