My babys all droopy.

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  1. Well i transplanted about 3 days ago because i had used MG soil and was starting to get burnt leaves. i caused some pretty significant root damage during the transplant and had to put it back into MG soil with the little nute balls picked out. i watered it the first day but have not since, i staked the stem because it was looking weak but it seams strong now. however my leaves are still yellowing and dying and the plant is still droopy. should i water it? i removed the lowest leaves because they were almost completely brown/yellow.
    i am using 1 100w cfl and 1 80w cfl.
    these are the "new" bottom leaves which have already started yellowing. about 8 hours after removing the lowest set)
    whats the best thing i can do for my baby, so far iv just been leaving her alone.

    :Edit: also, at what stage do plants usualy go hermie. cause i know shes stressin hard
  2. Have you added any fertilizer other than what is in the miracle grow soil? If not, good... If you did, then stop. Sounds like your plant has been really stressed with all the replanting and stuff. I would leave it alone and give it good light and regualr watering, but not too much. The plant needs time to recover from all that has happened to it. Give it a week or so and see if it can recover. When you start seeing new healthy growth you can trim off the worst looking leaves, but I would wait until you have enough new healtyh growth to support the plant. Good luck!
  3. OMG! Either I am way stoned already (probably not I'm smoking my first joint for today) or you are really really really.......weird.:eek:
    I hope I'm really stoned but let me summarize here :

    1. You figured out the soil had become crappy because of the MG fert balls.
    2. You take the plant out of the soil brutally, whiping out chunks of the root system.
    3. You put the messed up plant back into the same crappy soil from which you just 'rescued' it.
    4. You remove the bottom leaves of the plant because part of it is yellow/brown.


    1. Bad start bad finish buddy. There is actually a PGAMG (Pot Growers Against Miracle Grow) thread on this forum. Guess why?
    2. DUDE! They are babies! YOU BRUTE!
    3. I bet you figured that soil would magically be OK again after you aired it a bit and removed the fert balls. Suprise : the soil, like everything else in life, is not retroactively affected by your actions!
    4. Hey, if its green it can do photosynthesis. So you managed to reduce the available (growing)power your plant had and damage the stem a bit from taking off the leaves. Nice. NOT!

    Bottom line : get rid of that stupid soil. Be lazy and buy some general purpose flower potting soil and don't add ferts for 1 to 2 months.
  4. chill out man.
    i didnt know about the MG soil when i used it. its all i have right now so i figured MG sans nute balls is better than nothing. i removed the bottom leaves because they were crispy and most certainly dead. a friend told me it was best to remove them because they would just use up energy from the rest of the plant. the leaves you see pictured are not the leaves removed. i thought i covered that. iv been watering more frequently and it seems to be doing much better, i think my babys gon be ok.

    :edit: i didnt put it back into the old soil just more of the same kind. like i said its all i have
  5. Hey man
    Weren't you the one that I told that you can not really pick out the nute balls from the soil? If not well then you can not pick out the nute balls from the soil. If the leaves were already yellowing from the over fert than the damage has already been done; the nutes were released into the soil. Next time you get to the store buy some generic potting soil sans fertilizer and transplant into that. Stay away from Miricle Grow, Shultz and Scotts because they all have soil primarily with nutes in it.
  6. might have been. i dont seem to remember things too well. i figured maybe the new soil wouldnt have the nutrients released since i hadnt been watering it. the next plant will deffinatly be out of that shit.
  7. the damage seems to not be from the Mg soil.
    i have used Mg soil to veg countless times and had been fine.
    How are you watering your ladies?.
    it looks like you might have a PH problem
  8. no. iv been using a ph buffer from work. (for aquariums says its safe for plants). a while ago the ph was like 8 or something so i used a little more than reccomended and now its set at about 6.8. the bottom leaves still seem to be yellowing although much slower. i was watering ever 3 days but im up to every other day now since it was all droopy and it seems to be helping.
    any ideas as to why its still yeloowing?
  9. first off there is NOTHING wrong with using MG if you know what youre doing ...
    appearently there are alot of you outhere...
    what is your light shedule?? im guessin it's 24/7?
    you need to give this abortion a few hours of rest to recoop from all the floggings its recieved ... those balls you removed are like perlite.. so you probabally have a suffacation issue compounded with lack of knowledge and need to relax on finding a one step solution ... cannabis is a very resiliant herb if you have the patience to figure it out....
    LEAVE THIS PLANT ALONE.... see if it recoops... if it starts goin down fast top it and clone it .... i know you have to learn how to clone ....
    trial n error are the keys to success...
  10. Can you take some more pics of the yellowing leaves? Your pictures above really don't show any yellowing that I can see. Also, what type of MG soil are we talking about here? Does it have time release ferts or added Nitrogen or phosphorus or what? What type of lights are you using?

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