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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Justchill, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Well I have not posted here much, but I have not needed to. Reading your posts and following the links found here have helped so much so far.

    My plant is just growing its 2nd set of REAL leaves.. its about 1 week old from planting... is this good?

    It was yellowing on the leaves but I flushed it out good, and today is a nice beautiful green color.

    I am growing under a 95W floro Envirolite, the temp it about 80 and my Ph is around 6.8.. is this too high??

    I was also wondering where one might find a good cheap fan that isn't too strong or loud.. just something to stengthen the stems a bit.
    I heard computer fan, but I am no good at wiring
  2. You sound like you're on your way to being a "Certified Grass City Grower" to me.

    The fan you need depends on you purpose. If its to create circulation and strengthen the stem, for a single plant, I would go with a cheap plastic fan from Wal MArt. They had some nice ones that clipped on the other day for around $5. If you want one to pull heat out of your gro area, go for a cheap bathroom exhaust fan from Home Depot. $ 20 and another $5 for the switch, wire, and box.
  3. Well I want the fan to reduce heat in the area, as with the mylar on the walls and roof, the heat is now in the mid 90s when door is closed...

    do you think the cheap wallmart fan will drop the temp this bit? maybe get one on plant and one on light? (not too hot, 95W Compact floro)
  4. The fan itself won't drop the temp, just circulate the air. You can arrange any fan to pull hot air out of an enclosed area as well as to blow fresh air in to an area. The cheap fan can be set-up near the door, or other opening to bring in fresh cooler air.

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