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  1. Hello everyone hope everyone is doing well I know I am. Here are a few pics of my baby im not too sure as to what strain it is but im thinking its a NL cross. I want to say hey to Vatoloco he is the one who lead me to this forum by posting at another one abot this site and so far he was right this seems to be a very big community. Well anyway feast your eyes at my first try at indoor growing. Let me know what you think and be honest lol.


    P.S. These pics are at 14 days flowering.

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  2. One compared to my hand

    The Buds are bigger these were taken about a week ago.

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  3. Awwwwwww ain't your baby cute....vatoloco is good people![​IMG] once again, welcome to you and your "baby" LOL!!
  4. yup, whut a cute lil girl :)
  5. Thx cowboysaxman...and welcome TrippieJ81 to the city of grass:smoke:
  6. looks good! looks to be the same as my first grow.
  7. Looks like an educating growing experience the ferts,and overwatering,,,if you can..keep us posted on the progress......keep up the good grow

  8. Well the previous pics were my baby @14 days this pic i am posting is at 3 1/2 wks. As far as the fert goes I haven't fert it until recently I did do some during the early (very early) veg. cycle then decieded to go without for a while. Anyway Ndica I'm sure you were reffering to the leaf damage (curling) well I can explain that my baby was close too the fluoros for about a week and a half. But i have corected the prob although the leaves stay the same but newer leaves are not having this happen no longer I aimed a fan to the top of the grow area to help releive stale and hot air. Hope she gets bigger lol.


    P.S. I have tried some of the bud though (a really lil nug) and the taste right now is absolutely wonderful with a light mental high.

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