My baby as she stands jus now..

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  1. well, ive transferred and RE-transferred this one and it seems to be doin ok..the root has lots of lil white hairs seepin into the soil..
    she has two bigger round leaves and two pointy, zigzagged leaves starting to grow in between them, plus signs of more underneath.
    does this look as tho its going to turn out alright? she was slightly leant over and the leaves were facing sideways rather than upwards..but i fixed it..carefully so i dont think i harmed it.
    any thoughts/tips/suggestions?
    im keeping it in a locker when its dark and sitting it on my windowsill when its day..i just want her to grow, having buds would be a mega +++ but meh its all beautiful :):smoking:

    *by fixed i mean tried to fix, the head of the plant is still leaning over facing this a problem??*
  2. Looks fine to me. When my seedlings sprouted they looked identical to the pic you posted. After about five or six hours of light, the "head" of the plant stood up straight.

    You've passed the first half of the test--your seeds sprouted! Now be careful not to overewater or overnute. Also, get a fan blowing on your baby so it can strengthen its stalk. Hope all goes well.
  3. thanks man..its kinda lookin as tho its startin to move up a bit..u think opening the window to let a breeze in would help it strengthen? i cant find a fan :(
    thx again!!
  4. yeah, but don't give them too much breeze, my current grow which is about 6'' high right now sat on my windowsill day and night up until about a week ago and because of all the wind it got (2nd story windowsill) the leaves have turned sideways to compensate for the wind, not sure if its good or bad but i would try to avoid it
  5. looks fine it will get starter as it grows. Try to get a fan on it though.
  6. did you just water it as you took the picture? if not, looks overwatered to me, healthy sprout should not be bent over at the top like that
  7. no i watered it this mornin when i got up (about 8-9am)
    iv been watering it every morning with a very small dishfull of water spooned in with a teaspoon.
    shes currently sittin on my windowsill but the window is open to allow a slight breeze in..she isnt waving around or nuthin and she IS startin to look skywards a bit more as time goes on :D
    ill keep this updated lol thx guys :) more comments/tips are greatly appreciated :smoke:
  8. Well soil seems very damp to me... dont over water it, let it go searching for water, best would be to water it from the bottom by placing the cup in a bowl an dputting some water in the bowl (not much of coz)
  9. I also have seedlings and heres my setup and how I do things they are 5 days old with 60 watts flourescent 3-4 inches away water them every 4 days when soil is completely dry with a cup of water or until water is leaking out the three drainage holes I also have Pc fan blowing on them from 6 inches away they are in 26 oz cups hopes this help you out buddy
  10. thx ppl.
    i told my mum about the plant and she put it IN OUR BACK ROOM inside this greenhouse thing..its just like a cover over an aluminium frame.
    this is her jus now-
    and this is where she is currently staying-
    so what yall think now, she lookin aight?
    the moisture will be kept in in that greenhouse thing and its quite sunny so its warm inside it. how long dyall estimate shell be getting to small plantish stage? :smoking:

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