my babies pictures

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    using 2x 250w 6500k blue and 2700k red cfl´s
    intake and outtake fan
    theyr almost 9-12inches
    light is about 10-20cm from plants

    here are some pictures this little fella aint feeling good any suggestions?

    and some strange color on some leaves

    When can i put them on 12/12?





  2. My suggestion is to check out the growing section.
  3. when can i let them flower still?

    my 2 biggest plants are 12inches others are around 10inches
  4. Looks like it needs water. You can flower them anytime you like. If you flower soon, you can have dry buds for the 4th of July.
  5. yeah heat has been a problem for me

    its around 30-34
    and humitidy around 10-15%

    so think they dry fast

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