My Babies are not happy... Need help!

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  1. So I have been watering these a little each day being careful not to allow the rockwool to dry out. I woke up today to check on my babies and they look like they're dying. They're about 10 days old, I germinated them w/o any issues, then stuck them into rockwool which I presoaked with 0-50 ppm distilled water and 5.8 ph. I have been watering them with that presoak everyday now for 10 days. They're under 2 Full Spectrum F17T8, 17 watt, 5500K, 24 inch lights, and I have a very small fan circulating the air above them. I read that I should be giving them nutrients around 100-200 ppm, ph 5.8; so I mixed up a gallon of distilled water and added technaflora root 66, and sugar daddy (2 tsp each) which ended up being 167 ppm. I haven't sprayed them yet, instead I put them inside the plastic propagation chamber and opened the vents on top. Still under the lights, and still has the fan circulating air. Lights are 18 on 6 off and temp is around 78'.

    My goal is to eventually transplant these rockwool starter plugs into 4x4", keep them in the veg stage, then clone them, with the intention of putting the clones into my ebb and flow/bubbler/hydro garden under some kind 1k led lights w/ some more kind supplemental led strips.

    Can someone help identify if these babies are loved to death (over watered), or under watered? In about a day and a half they went from doing good, to ut oh!!! See pics... I'm heart broken and need some feedback.

    I anxiously await any replies. Thanks in advance guys!

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  2. They seem to be overwatered. Let the rockwool to dry out before watering
  3. Definitely overwatered. They're both in bad shape - the one on the right probably won't make it - looks like damping off.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I believe you are correct. I am going straight hydroponic bubble cloner for my next attempt. Thank you!!
  5. Sorry about your seedlings. For future reference, you can use an extra rw cube to pull the extra water out so they aren't sopping wet. Just place the cube that you watered on top of the extra cube. Within a few seconds it will have drained the extra water out of the top cube. I used the same cube to drain all my cubes being used- no need to leave it on the extra.
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  6. looks like you loved them too much, lol.

    Seedlings are very sensitive to humidity and watering for sure. It took me quite a while to figure it out, but humidity is your friend with seedlings and clones. I actually started cutting off bottoms of plastic pop bottles and used them to create a dome to trap humidity. haven't lost a clone or seedling since I started that. I also use the starter pellet things. After the taproot shows in paper towel I put it in a starter cube and put that directly into a solo cup full of soil.

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