My Awesome new Sherlock!!!!!!! Uniqueeee

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  1. i got this actually about like 2 months ago from can u dig it in salem nh for $40. I love the thing, best bowl ive ever had, always turns heads, its pretty thin but also very sturdy.


    and this is how it stands up..


    and this is the bong converter kit i made from spare parts from my latest pc build and a robotussin bottle.


    and here's the new pc i made, why not


    tell me whatcha think!
  2. you should turn the pc into a bong.
  3. love the bowl man...the color scheme and the design is sweet. can't beat that for 40 bucks. enjoy it..:smoking:

    im not a tech guy but the pc looks bomb also haha.

  4. is that pc liquid cooled?
  5. ^^ did you really need to quote that to ask that question lol?

  6. what does it look like to you?
  7. Holy shit nice pc!
  8. wow, impressive glass and pc. I always wanted a sherlock, but for some reason i just never threw down the money for one...
  9. Yes it is liquid cooled.
    Price of a liquid cooled computer from dell $3000+
    Price of a custom build liquid coole computer with the same parts as the dell $1000

    Thats a nice looking rig, I was going to liquid cool mine, but then I decided I would just get some new hard drives. How much are you overclocking that thing?

    PS I have no regrets with my 4TB personal HD movie server :)
  10. Are you running osx as well? I noticed the mac keyboard. What model gigabyte mobo are you running?
  11. Beautiful PC man, I love the cooling setup.

    What CPU / RAM are you running in that thing?

    Everything about it is nice. The case is also hot as fuck.

    And I hope your GFX is at least an 8800 ;)
  12. not a fan of acrylic cases but that's a sexy sherlock heh

  13. Don't think someone would waste a PC like that by running OSX Mac FTL!
  14. 1) A PC and a mac are the same hardware...
    2) dont start a pc vs mac thread
    3) STFU
  15. Yeah Here are the specs,

    Intel Core 2 Quad running at 2.87 ghz (origionally 2.3)
    ATI Radeon HD4870 with a gig of ram oc'd to 800 mhz and the memory oc'd to 900 mhz
    4 gigs of memory oc'd to 1220 mhz
    1 TB Samsung HD and a 500 GB Western Digital HD
    Mach 1 600 Watt Power Supply
  16. Nice, sherlocks are my favorite dry pipe.
  17. ANNND I'm using Windows 7 64 Bit. I'm a mac user too, i have a macbook pro also, but honestly, apple's been slacking lately and i really wanted something with a lot of power so i decided to use windos 7. its still in beta but its 200% better than vista, i love it. Very stable, barely crashes, handles everything very smoothly

    and the graphics card can handle crysis on all of the highest settings with no problem
  18. The PC is tight. it better run linux.
  19. windows 7

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