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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by olivermykok, May 10, 2011.

  1. What to download a new Avatar from my computer 65x65 1.59 KB and will not take for some reason? Why? Thanks all, cool forum!
  2. any help on this?
  3. It looks like you have an avatar to me. :confused:
  4. Mean change Avatar, sorry
  5. Ahh, I'm not sure then... What happens when you try to upload it? Does it tell you the file is too big or does it go to an error screen or does it just not work? :p
  6. The file I am trying to upload for my new avatar is 1.59 KB and is 65x65 JPEG. When I try it it says file cannot be uploaded? Blows my mind as I am computer expert, and know that I am missing something obvious, as is usually the case with me in these type situations.... I will figure it out, just no time and hoped there was a "trick" on this site. Thanks

  7. Yeah, it's always something blatantly obvious, isn't it? I know that feeling all too well. :p

    Would you want to try maybe attaching it in a post, via the Manage Attachments button down below the reply box under "Additional Options"?

    I don't know what good that'll do, but I guess if you can upload it as an attachment it will at least show that GrassCity can access the image and all that.

    Just thinking out loud. ;)
  8. Thanks I will let you know...
  9. Voile! Found the problem not worth talking about my stupidity (that's way I am referred to as the "Absent-minded professor"! lol
  10. Open and shut case, johnson :)

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