my AK47 x Lowryder show some love people

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420daily14, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Mdanzig seeds sour60 buddy that's what id get on the go check it out on attitude 60 days short height fat stinky buds
  2. Yeah but thos seem to be for out doors
  3. Na there designed for compact indoor grows like what ur doing mdanzig is the shit matey
  4. It's ur choice but that's what is put in but that's me horses for courses mate
  5. Thanks for the input my friend
  6. Ur welcome buddy let me know if u decide to do the Mdanzig will be very interested to see
  7. i looked it up but u need to buy 10 seeds!! i might spend the extra money but what am i gonna do with 10 seeds 1 pc grow box 4-5 grows a year...i might need a bigger grow space or a small tent
  8. I'd just germ 5 of them cuz there not all going to be feminized ,but if your going to get a tent id go for photoperiods cuz u got the room to do so
  9. have you weighed the harvest?
  10. I didn't bother weighing it wet but its a lot maybe a ounce dry
  11. Check page 3 for the big wet bud
  12. 29 grams baby
  13. 29grams it can't be dry yet surely thought u only harvested the other day buddy
  14. 29 grams semi dry so im thinking 25-26 when its completly dry. and not to mention i cheated and clipped a bud off to try :(
  15. nice probly be near a oz or a little less after drying
  16. Yeah I'm happy with that
  17. lowrider is an autoflower
  18. what was the end weight on that man. awesome grow btw.
  19. Yeah man although this is a pretty old thread I would be interested in seeing some pics of the final product maybe?

    Also what dry weight do you get on average from an auto like ak47?

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