my AK47 x Lowryder show some love people

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    very easy strain to grow, grown inside a pc box.. check it outttt

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  2. more and more

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  3. and moree

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  4. no love huh
  5. :love:I love you unknown brother and your plants
  6. what breeder is that from? ak47 x lowryder . aka easy ryder is suppose to yield great amounts how much would you say that plant is wet weight?
  7. man i love the way you clusterfucked the lights for that plant, looking NOICE (most people underdo the cfl setup)

  8. box says
  9. joint doc i think.. read it yields very large amounts. How much light did you use?
  10. 6500k cfls...1 of them was actually broken and i just noticed it so i had 4-5 bulbs running at a time
  11. damn your plant looks good. what was thee wet weight?
  12. Nice fucking cola bro. I got some lowryder going to curious to see what it produces myself, if it's near yours I'll be happy. Was it just cfl's? If so damn good job.

  13. we will know in 10-15 days

    thanks guys for the love..cola is nice. i like to grab it gently and rub it real quick and smell my hands so so good. its got a main cola and i think 4 branches of bud

  14. im 100% sure yours will grow just as good if not better. i used just 4-5 cfls 1 of them was broken and i didnt realize it. and i dont know how long the buld was off. for now its replaced and i got 5 cfl lights going strong

    1-2 more weeks. this guy is 2 inches from hitting the top of my lights so i might cut her with in 10 days
  15. Nice and full looking for sure. You continuing a pc grow after this harvest? Going to get an led or anything? Your doing alright now and if stealth is key, keep on keeping on as joe dirt would say.

  16. ummm i dont have much space to work with so 1. pc box is a great way, 2, got my intake and outake fans running, 3. its only down side really is u can only fit like 1 plant in their

    i thought about leds if i got a bigger space to grow but thats not happening any time soon. CFL's with my strain work 100% perfect

    to be honest, i dont check my PH, i only used tiger bloom, i use water from my kitchen sink

    this is my third grow my first 1 went to shit with over feeding of molasiss which i will never use again
    second grow my cfls feel on top of my plant and burnt it badly
    this is my third grow and so far ive done everything correctly by KEEPING IT SIMPLE thats the key to growing IMO. first time i was to concerned about feeding it nutes, second time my plant looked fucking amazing but thos fucking clfs feel down on her
  17. I hear ya man, do what works for you, I was just curious. I think your doing a good job with what you have. I know what you mean you sink money in better shit and it seems to come with more problems. What did it do to your plant with molasses? Killed it or turned it yellow and shit, cause I was using it and my shit started to turn yellow and stuff but I'm not sure what it was, probably a number of things. I went back to simple water and they came back.

  18. well i over did it with the malasses, i put to much in my gallon of water and being a rookie i didnt know any better. i was trying to get my cola as fat as possible. it ended up making my plant all brown. i chopped her early and the smoke was still amazing. i could almost compare the high to when i went to amsterdam and smoked some of the best stuff. in general i think ak47 is a great strain...i have 1 seed left and i think im gonna save i gotta find my next strain to grow
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