My Afghan Kush Ryder (pic) - How much will it yield?

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    Hey blades,

    its my first time ever doing a grow. I have an Afghan Kush Ryder from World of Seeds going, 100% organic.

    Its currently at around day 32 now from seed and its budding as you can see. I just want to know, can any of you give me an estimate of how much bud this one might yield by the end by looking at it now? (The second close up photo is from like 3 days ago, the first is today)

    Lighting: started off with a 90w LED UFO but took it out once flowering. Its now under two 105w (500w equivalent) CFL's.

    Soil: BioBizz

    Nutes: Molasses, Kelp, miracle-gro organic nutes ( i know this isnt the greatest but ive got some Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice in the mail to take its place!)

    Also, does the plant look healthy? Ive dropped it twice, once when i was carrying the pot after watering the side cracked and it fell on its side, then one of my coats in the closet fell ontop of the plant bending it a bit but it seems fine.

    Thanks guys!


  2. oops sorry the photos werent working, should be fine now
  3. No one can tell you how much it will yield. Especially when pictures show an early stage of flowering.
  4. I'm a beginner myself and information in your pics are scarce at best, but from what I can see it's not very big so you shouldn't estimate more than 20-30 grammes for that plant.
    On the other hand at least it looks very healthy.
    If you really want to grow indoors you should get a Homebox.
  5. cool,

    Also, at what stage of growth do the buds usually start to swell up?

    PS - has anyone used the Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice bloom nutrient? whats your experience been like with it?

    Thanks blades
  6. Seriously, they won't get much bigger than this, especially if you only use a CFL for flowering.
    As I told you: get a Homebox if you want an actual useful yield!
  7. Dude stop trying to sell me a homebox, im not buying into ur company, a homebox has nothing to do with what im asking, and my closet is essentially a much more durable homebox.

    And where did u get the information the buds wont get bigger with only CFL's? Theyre two 500 watt equivalent bulbs. Stop stirring the facts to try indirectly sell people products.
  8. Asking how much a plant yields is like looking at a child without their parents and guessing their height. I'm sure you wouldn't have guessed that Yao Ming would be as tall as he is when he was 6.

  9. Thats great, im going to meditate and manifest a good Ounce of dry weight for each plant!
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    HELP! I just checked the plants today, heres an update photo, but i noticed on some of the lower bud sites, the hairs are already turning brown!! (not shown in photo) :S What does this mean??

    Its waaay to early like theres not even buds just white hairs, they shouldnt be turning brown should they? At least not this early...

    I hope my plant isnt dying lol :S

  11. some of the pistils do turn alot earlier than the rest of them. i notice its usually the first pistils that show up...right at the nodes.
  12. dont worry about some pistils turning brown, there a few reasons why, like if you've touched them,

    there looking ok for only a couple of cfl, i would put your led back in with those cfl, give you abit extra weight,
  13. i got a kush ryder going right now too. 4 weeks in. how short was your when it starting really budding? mine is still short and showing strong signs of it ready to go into full flower. its my first grow and i think i stunted its growth with not enough lights at first. it stalled out after about 2 weeks then i got a big ole cfl and added it in and it took off but due to the autoflower feature it didn't have long enough to veg big
  14. Hey guys,

    Heres an update photo from today (of the fatter plant) she seems to be swelling nicely! I added in a third blue spectrum 105watt (500 equvalent) CFL a few days ago.

    Someone told me its impossible to get decent potency and yield out of CFL grows if used throughout flowering? Is this true?

    heres the update :smoke:

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  15. The first video in my post was the plant at 4 weeks, i miscalculated i thought i was going onto week 5 but it had just reached end of week 4.

    Once it started flowering it hasnt really been growing taller its just focusing on the buds i think.

    So far my lighting is:

    2 x 105 watt CFL ( 500 watt equvalent ) warm spectrum

    1 x 105 watt CFL (500 watt equivalent) cold spectrum

    So technically thats about 1500 watts in lumens of power ive got going into my plant.

    (deleted the vids in my other thread sorry!)
  16. okay so i was reading this thread and im a little confussed? you are using 300watt for one plant?? thats plenty of light for one two or three plants. How close is it to the light? what is your set up? i need more pictures. I am growing my first autoflower right now i just put it in the soil yesterday. I think you should look at my thread lots of people put some helpful tips.

  17. Hey, sorry this thread is a bit confusing i started a second video thread of my plants which i deleted.

    The lighting i am using is 3 light bulbs for two plants. Each light bulb is 105 watts (500 watt equivalent in lumens - so its basically only using 105 watts of energy but emitting light equivalent to a 500 watt bulb - altogether thats about 1500 watts for 3 plants)

    Heres an updated photo from today of the fatter plant (she doesnt really smell, the plant with smaller buds smells a LOT). Shes plumping up :hello: , today i fed her more iguana juice and bud candy at full doses since her leaves were yellowing a bit at the bottom and stems were red i realized she must be hungry.

    What do you guys think? Theyre both just starting to show trichs which is pleasant, i just hope they really swell up!

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    Yellowing leaf tips can be an early sign of nute burn. It is generally not considered advisable to feed cannabis liquid products at full strength. Most people only use half-strength, at most. This is especially true for Ryders and most autos. Most strains of autos are even more sensitive to nutrients.

    If you see more yellowing and some drooping leafs near the bottom of the plant over the next day or two, do a clean water flush and leave. On the next watering use a little under 1/2 strength.

    The red stems can be genetic among the strain, or in some cases, a result of the molasses. Between 1-1.3Oz is not uncommon for the strain.

    Can you move the CFL's closer to the plants? CFLs have very poor light penetration, so they can/should be closer to plants than virtually any other light source.


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