My 6x4x8 Setup ~2lb harvest

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  1. Hi everyone...Im new here is my setup:

    300watts of ccfl for veg./clone room, flood and drain.

    1000w HPS, Sun System reflector - 6 in., Hortilux Bulb, 250 CFM vortex fan/carbon filter thru light, Botanicare Flood and Drain 4x4 tray, 37 gal res., Air Stone/30 gal air pump, 150 GPH water pump

    Nutes; All GH: Flora, Micro, Bloom, Dry KoolBloom, R.O, PH'd, Grodan Rockwoll, 7k BTU A/C...all for a room that is 6'deep x 4'wide x 8'tall! Lined with 3mil b/w poly. 15 lb CO2 tank leaks out every other day.

    Harvest to come...(in 4 weeks!)

    Day of clone arrival


    10 days later:

    Transfer to Bud room 3 weeks later but kept 18/6 light:
    5 weeks light switch!

    Cost for material to build room: 600$
    for hydro setup: _______________600$
    Clones:_______________________20$ each
    2lbs of Free Meds every 6 weeks.....Priceless:D

    (oh and the house was 129k$ :rofl: )
  2. nice.. i have ran similar 6 x 4 x 8 but with 8 buckets and two 600's

    good amount of space, nice grow
  3. what was harvest with a 600w in this space? Im looking at about ~15 oz's using a new 1kw...but might be looking into a 600 due to power consumption
  4. If you are asking if you are gonna get 2 lbs out of it, my answer is no. I have been growing for several years, and once you have a few crops under your belt you will get about half of that.
  5. 15 oz's is exactly that (16 oz's is a lb) ;)

    I was asking if a 600w would yield much less? Like 6/10 as much? Or does it not work like that?

    Title was a mis-print
  6. No, I think the 600 is better than the 1000 when comparing yields vs wattage. But then I still prefer the 1000w LOL. I think you could do better with the 600w, depending on how you grow. For example, the 600 will not have the penetrating power that the 1000 has, so the lower buds will not do as well as the 1000. However, the 600 can be brought closer to the plant because it does not get as hot.
  7. cut, dried, trimmed, and weighed....

    14oz. NO TRIM BUDS. All of it down to the 17 grams of QWISO hash is smokable:wave:

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