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  1. hey guys ive recently purchased a 4x4 (base) and 7 feet tall hydroponic grow tent, and i am confused on the lighting specifications.. i have a carbon filter 6" and 6" fan.. however i cannot install them yet because i still need to purchase ducting... with this grow space i have also a 1000w hps bulb... IS THAT SUITABLE FOR THE SPACE PROVIDED? and how far from the roof of the tent must the ballast be.. because i hav tried to start germination.. and however... as much as i would like to use my hps bulb.. it gets DAMN HOT IN THERE.. not to mention i dont have ventilation installled i feel this may be a fire hazard...

    my seeds have not sprouted yet i am quite dissapointed.. i hav been using a 40w desk lamp to get them going....... still nothing.. have i wasted these seeds? :mad: anyway...

    does anyone have any information they can tip me off with this.. i am a first timer and this is all new to me.. i dont wanna burn my house down experimenting with this.... :(

    thanks guys.. much appreciated
  2. a 1000 watt will work good in there but u must have it air cooled or your temps will be way to high.

    what do u mean how far from the roof should the ballast be? the ballast is what makes the light kick on the reflector is where the light bulb is in do u mean how close should the light be to the plants?

    i would not run it without the ventilation in first now as for the 40w desk lamp what kind of bulb is in it and do u know the lumes of the bulb in it? cuz not all light bulbs will grow plants.
  3. Kingstrike- I need to be blunt here. Based on your first post, it is clear you do not know everything you need to know before you plant your seed; this is an understatement. It would be extremely beneficial to you to read through some popular growing books first before you plant. It will really get you thinking about things. If you dont plan your grow from start to finish, your plants will die or produce some very low quality flowers. You need to have confidence and know exactly what to do from start to finish to get to your desired goal. Otherwise, you have a very good chance of not having a successful grow.

    I say this from my own past experiences since I am only a few years into this venture and am still learning!

    some quotes come to mind.....

    you never have time to do it right but you always have time to do it over.

    If you fail to plan, you can plan on failing.

    Seriously, read up on this subject before you go any further. My goal in this post is to help you grow and produce some amazing flowers!!!! Have fun! #cannabis #legalizecannabis
  4. Kingstrike: Ilovethis plant is right. The questions you're asking can only be answered if you have the necessary frame of reference. I wish there was an easier way, but if you’re as new to this as I think you are I suggest the following:
    1. Read: SeeMoreBud’s book, “MARIJUANA BUDS FOR LESS GROW 8 OZ. OF BUDS FOR LESS THAN $100.”
    3. Read: Ed Rosenthal’s, “MARIJUANA GROWER’S HANDBOOK.”
    4. You’ll want to read: Mc Carthy’s book, “GROWING MARIJUANA.”
    5. You’ll also want to subscribe to, “HIGH TIMES,” magazine. Each issue is chocked full of useful information. .” All these resources are very well written, well illustrated and packed with information that will answer most of your questions before you know to ask them. I can assure you that this will save you and your plants a lot of anxiety in the future. I hope this helps. Hank

  5. Ilovethisplant: I loved your words of wisdom. Some I used in the classroom and on the job before I retired and I only hope they got through to him. A lot of these guys sound like kids who naturally want to start at the top without climbing the stairs. Unfortunately, and I think you'll agree with me on this, without preparation, there is no elevator. A lot of them seem to have only the desire and barely enough money to get them selves into trouble. In a few weeks you see by their posts and all they got was frustrated. Hank
  6. These knowledgeable growers are correct. I'm a newbie who is 3 weeks into flower on my first grow. I spent months on these forums, read many of the books listed, and watched many a YouTube video on growing (there are some fantastic stickies in the beginner section with links to some great videos btw)......all in all I did a solid 3-4 months of research before putting seed to soil. In hindsight, I am extremely glad that I did.....I had all the proper knowledge, equipment, nutrients etc. that I needed, as so far things have gone extremely smoothly. Take the time to research now and avoid the frustration, and wasted time/money down the can't expect to plant and then have people on the forums walk you through every stage of your grow.

    Happy researching, and good luck!

    Ps. If you want to check out the journal in my signature, you can have a look at my K.I.S.S. newbie setup which may make some thing clearer for you.

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