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  1. K, so i call up my buddy an i ask him if he wants to chill for 4 : 20 hes like ok.. So im halfdown down to his house im like yo, ill be there in 2 minutes hes like GET DROPPED AT THE MALL, so im like ok are u there, hes like ya. I get off at the mall and i call him and im like yo where are you hes like dude u have to walk to my house. Its not really that far from the mall maybe a 10 min walk.. but still, he just told me to get dropped at the mall so he could finish fuckin his girl! what a bastard hey.. anyways i get to his house and hes sittin there rollin 4 joints. In like 10 mins he finishes with 6 joints and we go up to the park and blaze the 6. WE meet a bunch of people up there for 4 20and just chill with them. and now as we are walkin back to the car from the park and we see a group of people, suprisingly i knew all of em, so we chilled there for a bit. then went back to his house.. This is when i started eatin.. oh wow i probably ate like, 5 jumbo freezies, only white and blue those are my fav lol, uh a huge ass slice of icecream cake, a giant glass of chocolate milk, 4 taquitos from 7 11, and 2 slurpees, frmo after that i just kept eating little stuff like easter chocolate the whole night, didnt stop till i went to sleep for about another 2 hours of eatin. we get up and go hotbox his car with 3 joints (thats all we had left). a fter that we go back into his house, and he pulls out a bottle of oil. We put the oil on a cigar, light it and let the black thick smoke fill a huge pop bottle, take some oil hoots, and blaze a few bowls.. shit guys i was fuckin sooo high the whoole night .. the food and everythin was just so great

    haha hope you guys had a good 4 20

    peace out smokers
  2. Chill. I smoked some premium nuggets and kief with some boys.
    And before school...:hello:

    What are oil hoots? And what do they do?
  3. my 420 sucked. I couldnt get any weed which fucking sucked, you have no idea. So I got this high from smoking oregano.(the high sucked) and then i got like an hour of sleep so i was rested for today.

  4. you really smoked oregano?
  5. hahah i hope not
  6. And you -knew- you were smoking it, by choice? Thats gross dude.

    Btw back on topic, glad to hear you had a good time.

  7. Dude you really gotta stop smoking if u smoke oregano because you have no weed....its called being sober for a couple of hours buddy:) if u dont cant stand being sober,you have no buisness smoking weed.:)
  8. oil hoots..

    k well pretty much its PURE oil.. from your pipe, or how ever you wanna get it. you know if take your piece apart and there is sticky black sticky oil.. thats what it is... put we had a little bottle full of it.. so what we did is took a colt/primetime put oil on the top of the cigar where it hadnt been burned, and on the end of it.. and we lit it didnt smoke it.. let the cherry burn the oil and u cut a little hole in a bottle at the bottom, leave the lid on and while the cigar is goin and burning the oil + the cigar smoke, u let the bottle fill, and when its full u take off the top and toke.. it pretty much knocks u righ toff ur feet.. u get a headrush for like 2-3 seconds and instantly after you are SOO HIGH.. instantly.
  9. well my 420 consisted of going out to lunch with my fience, get laid by a near by lake, dropped her off at her house and headed to work while smoking out of my new brass piece i got for 420, worked stoned off my ass with a buddy at work......when the kitchen closed and we were cleaning up toked in the kitchen near the vent fan got it cleaned and closed and hotboxed his truck and then we split ways as i toke on a dubie on the way home and didnt stop smoking till like 5 the next morning
  10. Badass 420. I ripped a few j's and had some firecrackers...then ate and ate.
  11. Some being 1 eh?
  12. My 420 was amazing... I was planning a big party but it ended up falling through so I just skipped school and smoked with a bunch of friends. First I stayed up till midnight the night before to smoke right at the start of 420, then went to sleep, woke up at 420AM, smoked and went back to sleep, at around 10 I went to this house with my friends, we had 5 people there with a super vapezilla, a tripple perc bub, my 20 inch bong, a double perc bub, and and then a single perc bub. We powersmoked chronic for 2 and a half hours. Just passing the pieces around. We had a fat 420 jar, it was a mix of blueberry, white widow, bubba kush, cough, and I don't even know it all. After that we went to a diff house were we had several personal joints each and took more bong rips and tripple perc rips. Thats when I started playing Turok on n64... while I was playing that super high, my friends rolled a 10in joint about as thick as my thumb and super coned, There was about 2in left when I finally realized they were smoking a J... they gave me the whole roach though so it wasn't all bad. Then I went home and passed out....
  13. ^^^You must have beeeen fuckinggg blazzeddddddddddddd
  14. + rep for the ween signature maiden its glad to see someone who likes ween :hello:
  15. Shit who doesn't like Ween? ha

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