my 3rd CFL grow. Check it

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    this is my third grow using CFLs and this is the best grow i have had. tell me what you think. and they're all bag seeds.:smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  2. How many CFL's are ya using?

    It looks very good!
  3. Wow Man I need some info on the Grow. Looks great. Roll on.
  4. Fat looking buds for CFL, what's your setup look like?

    Looks nice though
  5. I had 1-62w 1-42w and a 32w and I think like a 27w. But I ordered a 400w and a exhaust fan with a nice ph scale, got everything set up and got busted by my stepdad and know I can't grow bud and it sucks. But atm I got a shroom op going

  6. Lookn good my man.You have a green thumb for sure.

    Theres a free book with a guy that gets 1/2 3 plants,and 6 CFL's have you read it?If not your like the dudes long lost child =)...He shows how to build a nice cheap ballast type thing for the CFL's to.

    Ill link it anyway.

    Marijuana BUDS for less - Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100 b (download torrent) - TPB
    This is a free book.Youll need a torrent downloader if you dont have one.Bit torrent,and utorrent are 2 i can think of.

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