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My 2nd pickup!!! what is this???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RWK Nova, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. alright well my first pickup i got scammed whatever as most of you said well i found a new dealer and i know its not brick weed like last time
    1st time was like less than an eighth for 30$ well

    I just picked this up like a week ago from my new dealer. he gave me a quarter for 35$ to me thats a great deal better than my first dealer.well here it is, what is it like mids,regs,ect.
    Its an amazing high and gets me high after 3 hits.

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  2. Not bad regs will get you high better then mids no doubt
  3. If you got a whole quarter for $35 then nice grip, man. Sounds like a good hookup.

    The buds definitely good. Nothing crazy crazy, but it's farr from bad. I would say good mids

    shwag -> regs -> mids -> beasters -> dank
    That's basically how I rate bud. (I use beasters as a term a lot and not just for the canadian bud)
  4. im probably gonna pick up a half or an ounce next time then. im good with this stuff
  5. 7 grams, $5 a gram, sounds about right for some mids.
  6. nice price. i usually got to get a zip of mids to get it at 35 a quarter. but mids is normally 10 a g in my area
  7. looks legit to me
  8. I'm not gonna call you a lier, but it's hard to believe you got a quarter for $35. Like you're only showing one little nug in your picture idk something seems messed up.

    But if you did get that then congrats!
  9. Kick ass prices for bud that looks like that. Hope it smokes nice
  10. i can get a quarter of mid grade for 40 a quarter, but it doesnt look like that. that looks like its got some nice trichomes
  11. thanks im gonna buy an ounce then ill show you pics. anyways i smoked up almost all of it and i crushed it up for this weekend:hello:

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