My 2nd grow- Comments please

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by GreenScott, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. After I had to kill 4/5 of my plants. I have one left. This big girl is from a bag of some good chronic from Miami. I'm into day 20 of flowering, but I'll start with some pictures from a few weeks ago

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  2. Loooooking good so far!! :hello: :smoking:
  3. That was a top shot before flowering. This one is a similar shot @ 10 days

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  4. This is a whole cola shot @ 20 days

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  5. Enough of the top shots. These are 2 buds

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  6. Loooooking better all the time!!! :hello: :hello: :hello: :smoking:
  7. Thanx man... This was done all in flouros too. The plant is only 1.5 ft tall, but I topped when I had 6 nodes, and now have about 8 main colas. I tied them down so that light could get to the center and now I got small buds everywhere. Ill keep ya posted with new pictures...

    Anyone have an idea of strain... Indica dominant, but thats all I know
  8. thats cool to know nice tops like that are from flouros :) I'm thinking about starting a room soon with flouros, i have lots.
  9. Thanx unoit. I'm getting some NL seeds shortly, and right now I'm germinating some bagseeds from this musky bud that was gotten in Cali. Actually one popped her (hopefully) head out this morning. Can't wait to see what this plant looks like. I'm getting an hps as soon as I can afford one. Maybe some of this grow will be invested toward a light.

    I would like to see your other grow, being a flouro grower, I like seeing other peoples good flouro grow... Kinda keeps my hopes up ya know.
  10. This is a pic from today 25 days budding

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  11. This is another one... Tell me whatcha think.

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  12. id like to see how big those leaves will be when that plant is done growing!!

    keep tokin'
  13. i really hope my flouro grow turns out even half as good as yours.
  14. Fantastic looking plants! Well done, won't be long now and you'll be tokin' some homegrown buds...:)
  15. Great lookin grow.

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