My 280 beats worthless when high ?

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  1. Okay i know this might sound weird but when i get high literately all headphones sound exactly the freaking same to me.  I had a pair of sony $45 and they sound really good , one day they broke so i had to buy some cheap $10 that sounded like garbage but music is music,  cause i had to wait for the sony ones to ship out and thats when i noticed 5 minutes in to smoking i noticed the 10 dollar ones sounded just like the 45 dollar ones ! i just couldnt believe it but they sounded exactly like the 45 ones , it makes no fking sense, so long story short i had a dream a week ago about having beats.... so i woke up got my act together, got some money, bought the mixr beats by dre for 280 and they sound really really good actually , they are overpriced but fk it they sound good, and now when i put on my beats sober they sound fantastic but as soon as i get high i get the same quality as the 45 dollar ones but just extra bass :((( how do i fix this, does happen to you ??? i dont know wtf to do , i like getting high for the music but a 10 dollar dime bag made a 280 dollar headphones sound like 10 dollars. is this even normal??

  2. Beats aren't so superior because you need a battery to activate its noise cancelling option, same with Bose, eventhough they do have somewhat good reviews. You should check out CNET and their reviews on best headphones.
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    Well, headphones aren't the only piece of the puzzle. There's the actually quality of the audio file if you're listening digitally, or if you're streaming the audio. Then the quality of your amplifier (standalone or built-in) will affect the sound as well. Using hi-fi headphones through a mobile phone streaming youtube videos is like putting a turbo on a junker minivan. 
    I've never used Beats, but the genera consensus on them among audio nerds is that they're very overpriced based on the sound quality. I don't know if you could possibly return them, but for $280 I think you could definitely find something you enjoy more. 
  4. spending 280 on beats was your first mistake
  5. That's because all headphones do sound the same. Unless you are a marine biologist listening for whale sonars in the deep ocean, a $20 pair of Sony's should do you well.
  6. Fuck beats.
  7. I've never used Beats but from what I've heard they are highly over priced, over-hyped cans that are only good at lots of loud bass.  The quality is lacking as I have heard, but I'm sure some people really like them.  For that same price you could get some really awesome Sony or Audio-Technica or other brand headphones and be so much more happy.  You might also want to look into a headphone amplifier for when you're using lower power sources like phones.  I'd also suggest using higher quality tracks like someone else said.  If you're listening to low kbps mp3s then it will never sound great.  For the best go to 320 kbps or a lossless format like .wav or .flac
  8. beats are a fuckin mystery to me i dont understand how so many people can spend 200$+ on headphones when 30-50$ will get you some that are basically just as good 
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    I gotta disagree here. I've got a set of German Maestro cans, and you're $20 Sony's can't touch them. :cool:
    But in terms of budget headphones, yea, they're all gonna sound pretty similar. 
    IDk man. ive tried some of those "good" phones at best buys and they really don't validate the price those giant earmuffs look goofy as hell. reminds me of those ones they used in WW2
  11. hey i hated beats too for years but i had a fking dream like martin luther except i was sleeping and i dreamed i had beats so i said fuck the world and all the haters and i bought them , they do sound good they are not garbage, the only reason people hate them are because they dont want to pay that  much, they are still a good quality product and i love it but their ear cushion hurts ur ear like fuck.  plus when i see girls with beats on i can flirt with them because i have beats too ;) . this still doeasnt mean i dont carry my 45 dollar sonys
    rocking that ww2 fashion flow , woop woop nazis here i come
    realisticly i would price them at 130 no more. but fk it , also yeah i get all my songs 320 kbps but its not the music or headphones its my mind cause of the ganja , the weed makes the sound go down why dont u people read ! lmaoo but yeah i was thinking of seinhessiers though but german thugs will rob me
    because lebron wears them
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    I don't know what headphones Best Buy sells, but I have some cheap $10 headphones I bought to take to the gym, and there's a pretty huge difference to my ears in terms of the quality and even what I can hear--I miss out subtleties in some albums. 
    But yea. They're not pretty by normal standards, but I dig the boring oldschool look. I just don't wear them in public... haha
  16. I guess smoke weed and listen to cheap headphones? :laughing: Beats by Dre are a sham. I own a pair of Klipsch S4 in-ear buds and they sound phenomenal. They were only $70.
  17. I read what you posted, but all I'm saying is that maybe when you're high you notice those other things that can mess up the quality.  I know if I over paid that bad for headphones I'd think about it when I smoke and it would affect the experience.  I have a pair of Sony MDR v900s and they always sound amazing, no matter what type of music I play or how messed up i am.
    "Only" $70? for some buds!? The $12 skull candies from Marshall's work pretty good for me.
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    But Skull Candy sounds like shit :p Audiophiles spend thousands of dollars on their rigs. A good pair of headphones and a good amplifier are very expensive.

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