My 21st Birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. is today

    i can now buy booze when ever i want :D
  2. Nice, happy Birthday man
  3. Happy birthday dude. Go get some booze!!!
  4. Congratulations and happy birthday. Just remember, in my opinion;

    Weed > Alcohol

    Don't go crazy and get hella drunk just because you're legal now. It's not worth the hangover.
  5. happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday bro. Mines next month. Hit me up and ill smoke you out
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO hahaha i live in Canada and im 19 and i also can by liquor hahahh just fuckin with ya bro have a sick night get shmamered
  8. Get drunk, gamble then strippers is my sugestion.
  9. Happy bday man.

    Jusr take some advice from my 21st.

    NEVER mix alcohol, xanax, and fireworks together. The outcome wont be pretty
  10. Happy birthday man! I still got two long years to join the club :(
  11. im 20 and i could buy booze for over a year now.. lol @ the states
  12. happy birthday.
  13. thanks everybody

    it was good day i got half 8th of some good dank and 12 pack and now im chillin waiting for the ultimate fighter 10

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