My 2000 olds 'ho

Discussion in 'General' started by WeedSirum, May 4, 2006.

  1. Well this is my 2000 alero. Just took some new pics and wanted to share them with you. Coming soon mods include springs/struts(to lower the cars 4x4 gap) and new leather seats. I also had a pic of my bowl on here with my oz but I cant find it.

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  2. thats prolly the only not stock alero i have ever seen! hah but it looks pretty sweet. what mods do you have?
  3. thats clean, i need to slab some new paint on the ride so it'll shine like that. The wheels give it a clean look also.
  4. Well I have the 18" rvm wheels, blackout lights(painted bezels) painted calipers, new pioneer headunit, new 6x9's and 4x2's, Window tints, painted taillights (which are gunna be tinted soon) ummmmm new 7.5mm wires, new spark plugs, CAI, SLP dual exhaust from the cat back. um thats all my stoned ass can think of right now.

    Yeah I dont see many alero's like this around here, thats why I wanted to do it. I like to be different.
  5. good shit, but whats that cop doin in those 2 pics, was he harrasing you or something?
  6. I was takin pics of my car and he pulled up behind me. So I just kept takin pics until he waved me over. Lol he wanted to know what I was doing in the elementry school parkin lot. I had a camera in my hand and was like wtf u think im doin?? How stuipid can you be. Good thing he didnt search my car because I just picked up my oz at that time..........:hello:

  7. quality, gotta be extra careful in those drug free school zones
  8. i would have asked him to get his busted ass ride out of the shots, but thats just me. haha good to see some cars other than civics and wrx's getting some love.
  9. nothin in the trunk?

    damn that dude was tryna catch u parkin dirty lol
  10. I love black rims w/chrome lip on a black car. I also almost bought a '98 Olds Intrigue which looks almost identical to the Alero. It was a kinda gold colour though, looked like an old mans car.
  11. <3 the Rims
  12. You may wanna blur out your plates in the pics ;)
  13. That's a nice ass Alero, I've always wondered why no one tunes those babies. I don't know much about how much power they have but they look pretty cool. Not to mention, people here tunin' their moms station wagon but I don't see a single Alero with even some nice rims. Alero's around here are more a college student ride, no idea why. They're not especially cheap or anything. Now that I think about it, I've only seen red Alero's.
  14. Thanks everyone...

    Why blurr out the plates, what can you possibly do by knowing my plate number? It would be the same as if you saw it on the street.

    The Ho's dont have much power but enough to beat all the damn ricer civics and shit like that. Dont really race it, just a crusin ride...Not smart to race it when I "deliver"

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