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My 20 buck piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MobBarley, May 31, 2009.

  1. So yeah, I like it, its about 4 inches sturdy, nice bowl shape and the swirly patterns :D Comments? Ignore the things i wrote... I did this while I was a bit baked. I named her Swirly.
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: dsc00115p.jpg
  2. Looks nice! But whats the brown stuff in the bag next to it?
  3. nice peice bro.
  4. Haha, bro, I think you're smoking already vaped weed.
  5. well the one in the big baggy are shwagg bits. The small one in that little ice cream cone design is the dankest of all dank :D I should have taken it exposed... But too lazy to take it out of the bag. Thanks for the comments :p
  6. Thats a real cool looking piece. Nice deal for $20 bucks. Enjoy man :D!
  7. That's a nice piece :)

    And your weed looks terrible tbqh.
  8. thats pretty nice. check mine out. :smoke:
  9. looks fine for 20 bucks....gotta be careful not to drop it cuz it would prob shatter cuz the glass is not that thick

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