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    this will be my 1st attempt at a grow in about 15 years. back then all i had was an "ask ed" book, and a empty wallet. with a few shop lights and a flood light i grew a 4' string of leaves that yielded a little over an ounce of some pretty good shit. it was definitely a learning experience. this time around i didn't want to repeat the past, so i did some research.

    so far i have a light "structure" built. it's a 3'x3' X with 5 light sockets. 4 socket of those have splitters running 8 26w 2700k cfl's, and 1 socket with a 42w 6500k cfl in the middle to fill out the spectrum. all the lights can be moved towards the center if need be, or new sockets added without much trouble. all the materials for the light (except the bulbs) was less than 10. basically 4 $2 sockets, 4 $2 splitters, and some speaker wire i had laying around the house. let me know what ya think....

    this set up is for veg. once the bagseeds i have germinating are ready to flower, i'll swap the light spectrums and run 4 26w, 4 42w, and 1 68w cfl all on the 2700k spec. with possibly 2 24" "grow" tubes, and probably 2 clamp lamps with a couple 26w 6500k bulbs along the bottoms and sides.

    i have about 10-15 bagseeds germing and was hoping to have at least 4 honey's to stare at for a few months. will the lights will be enough? from what i have now i should be running close to 250w of cfl for veg. and 426w for flowering.

    the space is a 4x4x8 closet with flat white walls. probably going to start with potting soil left over from last year (mg :confused:). trying to do this as cheaply as possible without skimping on quality, so i'm using shit from around the house. tomorrow i start making the hood for my lights (coil stock and zip ties).

    any comments, thoughts, questions or advice?

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  2. I have never grown with cfl lights but I have seen alot of great harvests from them. About 1/2 of the people on this forum use cfl lights so you should not have any problems finding info for a cfl grow. One thing I did want to tell you is stay away from the MG or Shultz soil MJ plants do not like that crap. And never use any soil that has been laying around open because I got the mites like crazy on my first indoor grow using a open bag of soil that was in my garage. Those things are the worst. Everyone on here likes Foxfarm soil but its hard to find for me so I use Promix. I have had great luck with it and its pretty easy to find. You will have to spend about $20 on soil to get started but your plants will appreciate the little extra. I have been setting up a new grow space in the past few weeks myself and it has been alot of work and trial and error for me. Just have fun with it and look over some of the cfl journals on here and learn from others mistakes. You need to get at least one fan ( I leave mine on 24/7 ) A good timer and I would suggest a hydrometer for the temps and humidity. Keep the air moving at all times, the lights as close to the plants as possible and temps between 75 to 85 and you should be good. I like your light setup!

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