My 1st organic grow.

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  1. Hello guys,

    Ive been eager on posting here but didnt have the time... I recently started my first living soil grow and wanted to share it with you in order to get comments, suggestions and feedback from experienced growers.

    We have an indoor grow with a Gorilla 8x8 tent.

    Our setup consists of:
    Worm Castings, Coco fiber, organic home made compost, humus, and stones.

    The feeding tea is a mix of:
    -Mycorrizhae -Bat Guano
    - Kelp. - molasses.
    -Silica. - Beneficial Bacteria
    -Humic Acid -Fruit & Flower Mix.
    - FishBone meal

    Were currently running some Iron Triangle Reg, HErcules 2.0 Reg, Sunburn Reg, Critical Kush Fem, and Super Silver Haze Fem.

    Our fist issue is with some little spores appearing on my top soil layer, they look like some kind of funghi, the thing is, are they beneficial or will they ruin my crop? Wouldnt want spidermites or something like that to be bothering us.

    Thank you for reading and I'll keep posting.

    Happy growing everybody.

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  2. I'm no expert, but from my research on these forums, that is called "Santa's beard" and is a very good thing. It won't be long before a guru pops in and gives you a definite answer, happy growing :)
  3. Thank you! You´re my first reply here, got me hyped with your good news. Will def look into it.
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  4. I've been reading this forum for years, there is alot to learn, my comprehension level isn't near what I would like it to be to soak up the knowledge here. Just take your time, and start in the sticky section and read through the No till threads, they are chock full of valuable information. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Welcome to GC :)
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  5. Yeeeh its crazy around here. You can learn so much if you dive into it. Have been reading years of posts now... This is the first time that I find a solid opinion, with several parties agreeing upon the same conclusions, so a lot more helpful than all the led forums full of controversy haha...
    Will definitely post more pics of my small garden... Until now, I have achieved never before seen results with my new media and feedings... Currently loving the change.
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  6. Idk mold and black mold trip me out. Plants with black mold is poisonous and deadly because it causes lung infection, Potential death. My friend smoked a white fly by accident and was admitted to the hospital was serious lung problems. Hes All good now.

    And for the plants I personally think they look healthy but its too much water. Plastic cups dont use. Its inexpensive and convenient, but LONG term more wasteful in $$$ after 3/5 cylung$3 pack 18cups. Go green reuseable 1gallons smartpots. More oxygen to roots equals More and Faster Growth.

    I always had problems the first couple years growing and I realized it was because of the plastic pots they suffocate The Roots by drowning them. Roots need to seek more water and nutrients and they only do that if you let them dry out a little bit (in veg)Roots get bigger by searching for more soil. If roots are drowned results in stunted growth and bugs and disease.

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  7. "Another outwardly visible sign of fungi can be the microscopic white hairs – or mycelia – which in turn are collections of invisible hyphae. You may come across this in the form of certain molds on bread or if you are familiar with the practise of “Supercharging worm castings” you would recognise the “Santa’s beard” effect signalling the increased growth of the beneficial fungi."

    Do not get rid of this fungi. It is most commonly seen shortly after top dressings or after watering. It is a GOOD thing. Means your soil is doing its job!
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  8. amaaaazing! Yeah, the plastic cups were a one time thing... Will definitely look into the smartpots, idk why i never liked how they ook, but i guess its a lot easier in terms of transplant and of course the roots air better.

    Thank you!!

    Today we made some changes in the tent, will post photos tomorrow... We'll also transfer to bigger pots tomorrow, I already bought some plastic ones... dont know if ill use those or maybe go to the growstore and get some smart pots... WOuld be a big waste of money on the plastic pots.
  9. As promised...

    The first image is of one of my soldiers who's a little bit weak... Fed it with coco water, aloé and water... It seems to be recovering from its last plastic cup...
    IMG_4302.JPG IMG_4309.JPG IMG_4310.JPG IMG_4311.JPG IMG_4312.JPG IMG_4313.JPG IMG_4315.JPG IMG_4316.JPG

    Happy 420 amigos!
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  10. That fungi means your soil became alive. Congradulations (=
    Oh and fabric pots are the way to go for sure, if you want more oxygen in your soil (i challenge you to give your soil too much oxygen lol). Plastic pots are better if you want your soil to hold water for longer periods of time

    lovin u (=
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  11. Hello guys,
    So we`ve moved the ladies to bigger containers...Some are doing great, some not that much. Im not sure they're loving the new pots... Im getting some signs of overwatering on some of them, but ive not watered that much. gave them half a liter of tea each. theyre in 3 gal buckets now...
    Plus, im also noticing some deficencies on a couple of them... Im thinking its zinc... do u guys know where can i get more zinc from??
    I'll post some pics so you guys can see whats up.
    IMG_4648.JPG IMG_4650.JPG IMG_4652.JPG IMG_4656.JPG IMG_4658.JPG IMG_4655.JPG
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  12. i dont really see any signs of overwatering or deficiency. if you just transplanted give them a few days to get over the shock first. your soil does look dense, what are you using for aeration and at what ratio of your soil?
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  13. Im using an organic compost mix which includes horse manure, citric compost, leaves and organic waste from a house in a really fertile land in Mexico. Untreated soil, humus, coco perlite, spaghnum peat moss and airstones.
    The bottoms of my buckets are a 50-50 mix of my soil mix and airstones, while the mix soil is basically a mix of all of the components in a similar ratio.

    I was stressing out because of the curling down on some of the leaves. That issue started before the transplant and is not getting better...
  14. what is citric compost?
  15. sorry for the bad english... its just peels of oranges, tangerine and lime/lemon. Im just starting to add my cover crop, but its hard to find the seeds down here. So far I only got grass and basil seeds.
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  16. just use some dead mulch, hay, straw or dead leaves. much easier to maintain then a cover crop.
  17. Ive been reading your journal like the bible now man... some really helpful stuff over there. I wanted to ask you... I have an 8x8 tent for flower... how would you use it to have the make the most out of it? I currently have some clones gifted from a friend which I could SOG without vegging... My other plants re currently vegging it that tent. But I have some extra space in which I could SOG the clones without it being much of a problem...

    Thank you so much for your advice man! Puff puff pass!
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  18. an 8x8 is pretty big hmm. that really depends what you want to do. if you plan on growing different strains at the same time then you can fill the space with 20gallon smartpots like mofo does in the no-till thread. or if you want to do the SOG thing you could maybe go with the geo pot "big bad bed" . you can maybe fit two of those side by side with a path in between to walk through, but that might need different light setup :confused_2:. or just go with a single 300gallon smartpot in the center, you could fit a bigger one but you wont have much room to maneuver around it.

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