My 1st Grow!!!

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    Heres my 3rd attempt! The 1st try I didnt have the right setup, my cat ate them. :rolleyes: 2nd attempt failed because we kicked the losers out and they snitched to the cops so I had to chop them down. So this time im trying again I have a few I started from seed and a clone of something honeydew or melon from my cousin. I have a room to do it in now without fear of my cats getting their munch on with my greens Heheh.

    So my closet in 55in wide, 24in deep and 65in high. my shelf they sit on is only 11in deep right now but I could make it 24in total deep if needed.

    I currently have 1 4ft floro with 2 GE Plant & Aquarium, Ecolux, 40w each bulbs. I plan on getting more once I find out how much lighting I need.

    I want to get some CFL's probably about 7 or 8 of them im hoping will be enuff for about 5-6 plants?

    I will find out the strain and info from my cousin. Right now I have them in dirt from the feed store not sure exact brand in some small pots, I water them about once every 2 days or as needed, its about 75-80 degrees in there and im not sure of the PH I need to get a tester.

    Size Matters!
    2 Weeks old, I topped them twice
    Nice and Bushy!

    Any thoughts or advice, im interested to hear?
  2. Looking good! What size CFLs you looking at? 26W? I dont think 8 26W CFLs will support 6 plants.
  3. Looking good dude, keep it updated with tons of pics :)
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    I was thinking of getting like some 27w with 5100k and 1850 lumens. the are like 7.50 each at the store by my house.

    Also I was wanting to get a high output fluro with 4 bulbs to go over top, to go along with my 4ft fluro and some CFL's. But I dont know if the high output fluro's are worth it.

    Im also giving them some nutes from my cousin he uses them, I guess its some mix of stuff thats kinda like mud that ya water down. I also hate talking to him about any of this because he thinks hes Mister-Know-It-All about everything and his crap doesnt smell ect. ect. and you guys seem to know what your talking about more them him so im up for anyones 2 cents, thanks
  5. And.......... Should I Top or FIM my clone? I want it to be bushy.

    And... Should I chop those bigger bottom leaves that are being held up by sticks underneith or any top growth so the bottom half gets more light?

    Man I keep getting this blade in my hand wanting to go all chop-chop crazy on my clone but im scared!
  6. floranova looks like mud that you water down, you can use the bloom formula under floros at about a teaspoon per gallon

    sound familiar?

    you can grow pretty decent sized plants with just one bulb per plant for quite some time while you veg - just keep them close

    and let it grow a bit before you cut more & read up on LST so you can get the most out of your lights

    good luck!

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