My 1993 Camaro Z28!

Discussion in 'General' started by jmackisback, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Check it out, tell me what you think!
    Dont be too harsh if your a import fan ;)
    I have respect for all cars that people make fast :)


  2. Never really been a fan of the flat exhausts, but sweet ride anyway.
  3. Yeah I agree bro, thats the stock pipes...I'm getting new ones soon to replace those.
    I originally left those on just for the stock look...but now that I've customized everything, I might aswell put new tips on. Nothing really stock about my car anymore ;)
  4. looks awesome, i love the blacked out headlights and taillights

    i am a pretty big camaro fan....i just don't have much legroom in those cars

    v8 right?
  5. very nice man..+rep
  6. wow not bad i am not a big fan of that body style i am more into the older camaros i absolutley love the 701/2 camaro but that one does not look to bad what have you done to it performance wise?

    i dont have no picture but we have a 80 camaro and a 79 for parts i consider myself more of a mopar guy but i like chevy to there alot cheaper
  7. Thanks guys! :)

    Yeah I love the older Camaros too!
    Ive just got K&N CAI,custom chip,headers,catback,TB airfoil and the little free mods that you can do :D
  8. Lucky Bastard.
  9. ohh Fuckin Awsome Dude ... Bet Dat Bitch Skeets
  10. I have a 1998 Artic white z28 with 6spd manual. The fucking slp shift knob broke after a year of owning it so now I have that stupid ball shift knob thats in the v6. The lt1 is a hell of an engine man, don't let it kill you. I wish the fbody had a sunroof instead of t-tops for smoking purposes :smoke:
  11. i lol'ed at the exhaust, but id drive it, nice ride
  12. the blacked out lights look good. how much power do you estimate its putting out?
  13. Thanks everyone...I appreciate it!

    So you have an LS1? Those things are beasts!
    Keep her looking pretty bro!!

    And I estimate around 350 crank HP (300-ish to the wheels).
  14. To each their own.
  15. fuck imports, i hate those stupid ricers. my cuz got a new GTO with catback and foose rims. his dad just got the new SS Trailblazer with the same engine as his GTO and the C6 Vette.

    Just throwin' this out....FUCK RICERS

  16. LOL! :laughing:
  17. i agree with you 100%:devious:
  18. I agree with you both 100%!!! :hello:
  19. Nice Car, Not a fan of the Exhaust, and body style too much either, but its still nice.

    Sure is going to suck some Gas.

    And not all Import's are ricers...;)

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