My 15 minute MFLB to bong connection

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by URATowel, May 6, 2011.

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    Felt creative so I thinned the stem and strapped it to a bowl:


    *there is no tape near of of the holes/heat for those thinking of tape goo being inhaled and yes I know he looks dirty but he's been cleaned after most uses, that color just won't go away.*

    I am fucking BAKED. :eek:
  2. Look at the link in my sig, to see a bong adapter that doesn't require taping up the stem included with the MFLB. It's easier to take off when you just wanna hit the bong or just the MFLB.

    Basically just a .17" ID tube with electric tape wrapped around the tube until it fits snug into the stem of my bong. 0.17" is how big the stem of the MFLB is so it fits inside the end of the tube without the tape. And if you add a slight taper to the end of the tubing that fits int he stem you can get an even better fit.
  3. I'll try something like that :)

    I made a mistake in my post, I strapped it to a bowl, not my bong. The bowl come off easy if I want to hit the bong :)
  4. video!!
  5. Will do but don't expect milky shots, it's vapor :D

    [ame=]YouTube - My Movie.wmv[/ame]

    I'll try milkier but I don't want to combust the bud:hello:
  6. too much work for the lungs
  7. Actually when doing this I find it's easier to pull even slower than normal and get rather thick vapor. I only combusted once and it was totally my fault for being too high.

    I pull super slow just enough to get it to bubble when I hook my MFLB up to a bong. Makes it take half the time to finish a trench. I think the OP could try to pull a bit slower and get thicker vapor, he's just being cautious which isn't a bad thing at all. If I still had my bong I'd post up some vapor-milks for yall.
  8. I didn't find this to have any more strain on my lungs :confused:

    I also recently changed my smoking habits so I get high off little bud :)
  9. i think it's nice like this because you can just chill on it, puffing little by little until the heat is high enough for a more consistent pull, just filling the bong up.

    i used 1/4" ID tubing and that is a snug fit for me on the stem, and a suuuuper tight fit on the GonG fitting i jacked from my eclipse.

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  11. damn that ones looks nice
  12. Nice bong slamsomethc. Are those clear marbles you have covering your downstem? I've seen the diffusion beads before, but they always look like plastic (not like yours)... and I personally think plastic diffusion beads defeats the purpose of GoG

    I freeze marbles and then pour 'em down my tube as a renewable replacement to ice (which doesn't melt either!). Only downside is the specific heat of glass is pretty low so they won't stay freezing cold as long as ice

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