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  1. I've mentioned it in the other thread.. but seriously.. Go to the elite website and join the clan "grasscity". I wanna have a GC user leaderboard to compare stats and shit with you guys.

    You don't gotta worry about doing shit. You'll never be obligated to do clan activities or anything like that.
  2. I'm down, my stats don't reflect me playing though, recently I've just been TRYING to level up the shotguns so my w/l is like 1 and kd is like 1.4 if I use assault rifles or smgs then I can hold a 2 kd easily.
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    It's not showing up. I'm assuming you're on 360?

    EDIT: I created one for PS3 as well.
  4. *crickets chirping*
  5. o dam im on ps3 im down for that add me D4DANK666
  6. Word. Yeah I should have mentioned it was for 360. I figured since Elite was more web based that it would be cross platform. Guess not
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    I'm down. I'm on 360. Probably won't be very active for a few days. My router/internet has been very shitty so I lag a lot and hardly go positive. Getting a new router in a day or two, I'll see if that helps. My GT is Sour Green.

    I play a lot of S&D and Domination.
  8. im also on ps3 playin mw3 . but im mostly playin saints row 3

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