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  1. Does Anyone Whos Good Wanna Join A MW2 Team On GB?
  2. I remember Gb, Mw2 was my favorite cod to play competitavely on. I don't play gb anymore because it ruins games.
  3. Ps3 or 360?
  4. Yes I've been wanting to put one together. Once I get my laptop fixed I can record (hd pvr) for ps3. Add jojp003. I'm a pretty good tryhard
  5. I had a team on Gamebattles for Call of Duty 4.

    That series has been plummeting downhill ever since. World At War and Modern Warfare 2 were just okay and Black Ops is a nightmare. I hope they get their shit together with Modern Warfare 3.

    Either way I'll still be playing Battlefield 3.
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    Add me:TeRRoRxxKiLLa
  7. I only got xbox
    So whoever got that add me up
    I Taylor Gang V

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