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    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2013 Please sign this petition and Share it! It takes 5 seconds. Help improve marijuana policy. We need Your Help! State legalized marijuana means absolutly nothing to the Federal Government. In case anybody would like to know this is the woman refrenced in the petition she is currently Head of the DEA! If the frame of the video below looks weird and glitchy, it does that for me too. so here is the same youtube link but broken in half so it doesn't automaticly upload in video form. If you prefer it. m/watch?v=HrHecD8JhfY

    [ame=]DEA Head's Absurd Marijuana Testimony - YouTube[/ame]

    I've just started this petition today and it must reach 150 signatures before it becomes "searchable" on the white house website. In Other words I(or you good folks) have to personally copy and paste this link for anybody who wants to sign It, until the 150 threshold
    is satisfied. For those who would be reluctant to sign it bc of employer/under educated nosey acquaintance's in their life. I should also add here that signing it is practically anonymous since only your first and last initial will show to the public. Please share it with your friends/aunts/parents who you non nonchalantly call your "roomates". The point is if they have a pulse there already better qualified than Michele Leonhart is. Use Twitter,Facebook, your call. It is pretty quick and requires nothing more than creating a white house petition account which is just Name,E-Mail Address, and zipcode(optional) so like one minute. upon searching to the link there should be some kind of prompt to create your account.That's It! Thank You in advance!
  2. lol exactly, It's just Clownish. I think the only legitimate side effect assigned to marijuana(even as infrequent as it is) would be "slight increase in heart rate"......OK? It increases your heart rate 5-10 beats (sometimes) so does riding a bicycle dipshits. lol
  3. hahahaha did u see the bitches face when he asked if other illegal drugs are worst for health?
  4. LOL yeah. I've watched It at least a dozen times. it looks like she was just read her own obituary
  5. have any of you good people looked at the petition?
  6. Drugs are bad mkkay.

    LOL, no zip code or I would sign.
  7. That's exactly what i thought of! lol zip code isn't mandatory
  8. I signed.~~
  9. Omg
    I'm married to the dea
    I ask her the exact same questions and she gives the exact same answers
  10. How??
  11. click the first link containing then once you get to the petitions page. Look under the number of "total signatures on this petition" you should see a blue "create an account" button. Obviously if you already have an acct with them u can skip that step and just hit sign in. Otherwise it takes about a minute to create your acct with them. Then hit the green "Sign petition"
  12. Holy pcp infested goat, DAMN!

    She definitly looks like someone on drugs (probably prescription pills) and has the vocabulary expression of a crackhead.

    Are they fucking kiddin' us?
  13. precisely why i started the petition. I'm lazy. So it really had to be that bad

  14. Yeah dude they should illegalize bicycles.
  15. This is what happens when cheeky Mom's are employed into government.

    Nintendo is bad- it damages your brain.
    Carbonated softdrinks are bad- they make you obese.

    Marijuana- All illegal drugs are bad!

    Everything that isn't Yo Mamma is BAD!

    Punctuality is important. If you are in 7:05 PM hell breaks loose.

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  16. Almost 2 signatures a day. This is going to take off for sure.
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    This video is almost a year old op but since I'm already here

  18. that woman is a fucking retard.
  19. Yo Mamma


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