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  1. Okay maybe not must read, but I really felt I had to get this out there, and this is not about legalization of marijuana like every other marijuana essay. Everyone that has read this really liked it, so I thought I would share it with you. Share with others as needed. Tell me what yall think because I really havent had too much input on this and I really would like some. Wrote this for english class being kind of goofy/semi-serious and ended up getting a pretty good grade on it.

    Why I think everyone should smoke marijuana

    The dispute about the legalization of marijuana is a very polar and long-standing debate; however, the concern of the general public should not be about whether or not it should be legal, but rather should be concerning the choice to use it. Throughout history, the usage of the prohibited substance has been very ubiquitous and even the elites of historical classes have found usage for marijuana, this is not without reason either as there are many beneficial causes for the historical use of the drug. Likewise, it should be the thought of all people to attempt in the usage of marijuana or obtaining a marijuana high for a variety of benefits, including improved critical thinking, increased integrity, and a lack of stress. Although there are a small amount of concerns from the usage of this drug, the benefits of using marijuana easily outweigh the negatives.
    In the past fifty years we have witnessed an overall drop in the cognitive abilities of the youth in America, and thus it becomes more and more valuable to an individual to have competent talents for the future. Although marijuana does not inherently gift you with any real skills, it does give an individual the tools to gain some very important ones. Problem solving is easily the number one skill important for any one person to ever have, regardless of situation, Fortune 500 CEO, single mother of 2 living in the ghetto, or a researcher looking into solving the medical crisis of AIDS, it does not matter, problem solving is and will always be the greatest skill of competence that you can have. Need to beat out your main competition in your industry? Use your problem solving skills to come up with an unbeatable solution. Need to provide a better life for your kids? Use your problem solving skills to figure the best way to get yourself the money and education required to leave the ghettoes. Need a cure to AIDS? Use your problem solving skills to think of some unknown or unthought-of solutions to the dilemma. Problem solving skills are easily the most important skills for someone to have, but it makes you wonder why so many people lack these, if they are actually so important. Problem solving has two different aspects to it: knowledge, and creativity. Just knowing some random facts pulled out of a book are not going to help you cure any diseases, except maybe an easily curable fever. Creativity is necessary in order to be able to apply that knowledge into the ability to solve problems. Too often people choose to look at their problems from only assumptions they have learned in previously, and they choose to allow those assumptions to cloud their possible solutions. This is completely the wrong way to look at problem solving. To every single problem there are a billion solutions, some may not make sense at all, some may have only small amounts of relevance, some may only partially solve your problem, some may solve it, but cause more problems along with it, and some solve the problem completely. If there are so many options and one is standing by his/her assumptions, then how can he/she be expected to solve that problem to the best degree possible? And thus, it becomes important that in order to problem solve we must think of all plausible solutions based on our previous knowledge. But how are you to think of all these billions of solutions if you are so closed- minded towards your approach to these problems. That is where creativity is necessary, because when you open your mind to all the possibilities it is more likely, and mathematically more likely, that you are to find the best solution. This is where marijuana is very helpful. The active compound in marijuana, THC, is known to unlock the creativity in your brain and even alter the creativity level of users in a sober state as well. Like video games, which have similar detrimental short term effects, such as laziness, THC and video games both develop long term creativity, which in turn helps to develop good problem solving skills, or at the very least improve them any amount, which should be much appreciated by all. The creativity marijuana gives can help enhance a user's long term problem solving skills. But because problem solving skills require both creativity and knowledge, many unintelligent people cannot get away with just dumb creativity, as problem solving requires focused creativity. This is why I believe that marijuana is the drug for intelligent people, and rarely beneficial to unintelligent people (that is not to say you cannot become smarter through hard work, these unintelligent people just tend to stay unintelligent by their own choices). The creativity that a user obtains from smoking marijuana is unquestionably worth the downsides of using the drug. So although “weed” is illegal, smoking marijuana is a choice that any rational person would make.
    An open mind is easily the most important aspect in developing a strong and moral personal character, while also being objective. An open mind allows a person to be more moral and live with higher integrity because it allows him/her to become more understanding of a much larger variety of situations as opposed to the amount a closed minded person would understand. Just having the opportunity to put yourself in someone else's shoes allows you to fully understand the ins and outs of other people's decisions and lives. Usually when we judge an individual, we mistakenly use our own life and guidelines as a basis for judging that individual's life, but that is not the correct way to judge someone else's life. This goes hand-in-hand with prejudice as we truly try to judge someone based on just how their outer appearance looks to us. It would be more beneficial to all of us if we could try and be more open-minded about who a person is, closed-mindedness loses you so many opportunities in life, in this certain case the opportunity to have many diverse relationships. With this in mind, are you more likely to show integrity and respect to your friend that you know deeply or a random stranger on the street? Well, the answer should be both, because you should more open-minded enough to allow yourself to understand that person and decide whether or not you actually like that stranger or not. Now this is not to say that everyone can only be looked at in a positive light after you understand that person, people can still be bad people regardless of the ability to understand their situation or not. Furthermore, besides the opportunity to create more relationships with people, having a closed mind can rob you of many opportunities to become better. It is impossible to gain all the knowledge that the world has to offer, and for that reason you must be open to the ideas that you are bound to come across. It is impossible to know whether a certain idea will help or hurt you unless you have the willingness, or open-mindedness, to allow yourself to analyze that idea to the fullest extent, or objectively. I have seen so many people that just choose to ignore criticisms of their lives because they aren't willing to hear bad things about them, but the closed minded approach to hearing only good things about yourself robs you of the ever so important ability to improve. Tying this all back into marijuana, marijuana has been shown to open a person's brain up drastically. This is because of marijuana's ability to cause users to have extreme streams of thoughts about any given subject. Every idea in the person of a marijuana user is expanded on multiple levels; so much thinking and ideas go into just one little thought of a marijuana user that it basically forces an individual to be open-minded. For that reason, that there are so many thoughts, it helps you be able to understand the position of others so much better because of all the rapidly firing thoughts you have just about that one person, or that one silly idea someone mentioned earlier in the week. Additionally beyond having an increased ability to understand, the ability to analyze goes up tremendously, aiding in the improving a person's objectivity. Similar to being forcefully open-minded, the ability to analyze comes from the amount of thoughts that a marijuana user experiences. So many important thoughts have come up, that would not have come up in a noncreative non-marijuana user's mind, that the user is forced to analyze an idea to a much better and much fuller extent that he/she was before. Eventually, all this starts to spill over into people's state of sobriety and they can benefit from this boost in creativity and understanding and then fully apply them to their daily lives. So while smoking marijuana would technically make you a misdemeanor committing criminal, the choice to smoke it would be quite easy for any rational person.
    Despite the drastic improvements in technology in the last century, the overall quality of life across the board has decreased as we move more and more into the ever-increasing complexity of the first global world. This decrease in the enjoyability of life has not occurred without reason either. Commonly, we now fill ourselves with concern about different superfluous specifics such as wanting to wear impressive clothing every day, or caring for others' opinions of yourself (your boss still matters); marijuana helps lessen these silly and unwarranted concerns. It has been said that long term users experience, even in a state of sobriety, a sense of lesser anxiety, and a more “care-free” behavior, not necessarily care-free but allows for more focus on concerns that are in actual need of attention as opposed to many superfluous specifics. Less anxiety is clearly a benefit users experience because no longer is the person concerned with such frivolous aspects of their lives that in actuality should hold little to no value, or really any value at all, to a person. This lack of care for any item of said natures leads to a much less stressful lifestyle. Lowering the overall stress level of your life can lead to improving the quality of life and also leads to a plethora of medical benefits. Many health problems are brought on by stress-induced factors, and thus by smoking or using marijuana, the chances, of say a heart attack occurring, or other stress-induced medical problems. The risk of many other unmentioned medical problems is also drastically reduced. Likewise, lowering the stress in your life can drastically improve the quality of your life allowing you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. When a person leads a happier life, they tend to work more efficiently, get better grades in school, do better health wise, make more money from their jobs, get more out of their interpersonal relationships with others, an immense confidence boost (who doesn't want that), and many other benefits. All these are either secondary or tertiary effects of using marijuana, but none the less they are still effects of the usage of marijuana. So although, you may be considered an illegal drug user, the quality of your life will be much improved a tradeoff only all rational people would make.
    While smoking marijuana may have some negative side effects of usage, it also has plenty of benefits that colossally outweigh the negatives and, therefore, smoking marijuana has proven to be very beneficial. Because(e these remunerations from marijuana are mostly long term and generally seen in personality shifts (hopefully for the best), it is important not to get short-sighted and look upon the dark side of marijuana, as the benefits from using marijuana are mostly secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary effects and not just the primary high effect. Many people are under the assumption that marijuana is just getting a feeling of highness, but it is much more and then the good aspects of being high eventually cross over into the personalities of users, then users can truly benefit from having better problem solving skills, more integrity, more open-mindedness, more objectivity, more social skills, less stress and better health. Any rational person should make the easy choice to smoke marijuana and not conform to the societal norm, which are made up of 70% unintelligent persons.

    TL:DR: Marijuana gives you the #1 competence skill, problem solving skills, #1 good personality characteristic, open-mindedness, lowers overall stress in life, medically benefits you, and better analytical skills, another very important competence skill. (Competence being the most important feature of the professional world, and personality characteristics being the most important feature in the interpersonal world, also the two most important aspects of any human's life)
  2. I'm sorry but maybe its just because Im baked but I could not get through it. Thats because your first like 6 or 7 sentences were all incredibly long. It would help to vary your sentence lengths...
  3. Don't schools use websites for plagerizing now a days? You put in the essay and it shows if it was online before.So coulsn't they see you posted it on this site? Would you want your teacher to see your GC account.? No hate just wondering if this is a good idea.
  4. [quote name='"nnunes"']Don't schools use websites for plagerizing now a days? You put in the essay and it shows if it was online before.So coulsn't they see you posted it on this site? Would you want your teacher to see your GC account.? No hate just wondering if this is a good idea.[/quote]

    This and shit, make paragraphs.
  5. Appreciate the effort, but if you're posting something that long, make it visually easier to read.

    Welcome to the forum by the way. :smoke:
  6. Run on paragraphs!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
  7. Dude separate main ideas into paragraphs fuck.
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    You must really feel violated after pulling something that big out of your ass. Jk

    You just told everyone that you smoke weed. The entire school board probably knows that you smoke. I don't think I need to highlight the irony of doing something as asinine as writing an essay about weed while still in high school, especially since you focused on how it made you more intelligent.

    Anyways, how long is that essay? I got about a third of the way through and gave up, because it is like the revalation every stoner comes up with after smoking becomes a habit to them and they no longer care about their image, but still feel the need to justify their actions - classic behaviour of an addict, and don't give me that schlop about weed not bein a drug, THC is a foreign chemical and is primarily used for the feelings it gives the users.

    Not to preach, but dude you have a future, forget about fitting in and being cool, get you're mind right!
  9. Sorry Guys, it is in paragraphs, but I just copied and pasted it into the box, I can repost it with the paragraphs if you all would like. Also, I already graduated from high school, when I wrote this so, which I did to be goofy because my teacher said to specifically not do the legalization of marijuana because everyone write about it. I really don't care about fitting in, this is exactly how I see weed, why would I care for fitting in...
  10. Ya the sentences were a little lengthy because I wrote this specifically for an English teacher grader audience.

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