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Muslim Stoners

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by habbasi, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I know we are a small population. But just wanted to see if yall are breathing and whats good. N shoutout to everybody else, i got no problems, except that im on a ramadan t-break. lol . almost done tho :hello:
  2. How can you be a muslim stoner? It specifically says to stay away from intoxicants, especially alcohol.
  3. haha. i guess im sinning. but to many peoples suprise, in pakistan, afghanistan hash and weed is very popular.

    but in all honesty i consider weed as much of an intoxicant as coffee.
  4. How can you keep your faith then? Do you believe that you will go to "heaven" for these sins?

  5. Just like any religion i would assume there are varying degrees of devoutness (can't think of a better word haha:smoke:) I don't think many christians follow the golden rule which is kind of what Jesus was all about. Same idea right?
  6. salaam :) theres a few of us lol especially in the uk. And im on a t break too... lol finishing in a few days ;)
  7. I don't do Islam by a set of rules, but rather principles. I believe heavily in charity, praying (when not high of course), and putting heavy emphasis on taking care of family and friends. I believe being a good, honest, sincere person, will put me in a better place with God, then being rule binded by modern Islamic Leaders, who are sometimes sadly corrupt themselves. I use it also more as a backbone, something to rely on when I'm depressed, hopeless, or angry, and not as a schedule or rules. For me religion is what you make it. And if you dont need it, thats cool also

  8. That's awesome to hear.
  9. i feel like that is the only intelligent approach to any religion. Religious fundamentalists are just as bad as whatever evil(real or imagined) they are preaching against.
  10. One of my friends is from Pakistan. He used to smoke but he barely does anymore. But he isn't really Muslim just his mom is cuz he said he is atheist
  11. haha I'm pretty sure it's super "haram" in islam. I used to believe in Islam when I was a child, because back then I was just like another follower rather than a thinker and a person who understood things.
    Just a curious question/thought (not trying to argue): Have you ever thought about your religion from a different point of view and see all angles of it instead of the good ones?
  12. I always take t-breaks for ramadan, this time though i was a week in til I caved. Only burn @ night though after taraweeh.
  13. I have that same problem. Small dosages after everything is done for the night (usually around 11pm). I'm well sober after 3-4 hours and before the next fast starts.

    BTW, it isn't fully "haram," like alcohol, its actually considered "macru," like cigarettes. Basically means its still a sin and considered unacceptable but a lesser sin than adultery, alcohol, murder, etc.

    Bud has been around for ages in muslim countries, morocco, egypt, afghan, pakistan, india, nepal, etc, for thousands of years. Doesn't mean its right, but its a lesser sin and I accept that.
  14. Eid Mubarak to all.
  15. One right here bro :)
    Eid mubarak even though my family and i celebrated it yesterday :p
  16. Lol same brother but I only got online yesterday. How was it good times?

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  17. I'm not Muslim but I come from a pretty Muslim family. My family moved here from Iran.
  18. Good for you guys. I'd like to see more close knit communities around here, religious or not. 
  19. I live in the uk in a very multicultural city (I think white people are nearly a minority now) and at my college there were at least a handful of Muslim stoners. All though I don't know if they were actually religious or just bought up with Islam and weren't too bothered
  20. Wow, that something to hear that whites are a minority somewhere. You don't really hear it that often.

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