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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by TheDudeAbides, Oct 12, 2004.


do you play an instrument?

  1. Why hell yeah

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  2. Nope, Too busy smoking Ganja

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  3. My girlfriend can play the meat flute pretty good

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  1. I myself play drums
  2. i've been playing guitar and bass for a while. I can shred basslines that would put both p-nut and flea to shame. well, ok im not THAT good, but i am really good at bass. i have been trying to learn some recorder, harmonica, blues harp, and classical guitar, but i stick with guitar and bass.
  3. Electric bass, piano, and I'm teaching myself acoustic guitar.
  4. guitar, bass, drums, piano, throat.
  5. same as shagra minus the drums..
    guitar, bass, piano, throat.. lol.. oh and i'm awesome at the electric kazoo..
  6. I create music on the computer.

    have also been seen to mess around with the keyboard/piano/organ, tin whistle, recorder, bongos and various other percusion, and a little beatboxin too.

    if u ask me, i'm not any good at any of them except the non-live stuff on the puter. can't play the guitar to save my life.
  7. Acustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, 5 String Bass, 4 String Bass....

    i make music on the computor as well
  8. drums, beatboxin (hell yeah, whiteboy got style), some vocals (whilst listening to music of course), and i wanna learn the bass...well get one, cause i can already play a bit.
  9. bass and rythm guitar. I also play piano but not as often as I used to.
  10. percussions.
  11. Drums, double bass is the shit.
  12. dwnld the software and play the COMPUTER

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