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  1. Hey Fellow musicians, let us know what you play and tell us about your gear and gigs, if any.
  2. Yea man, I play. I have and Ibanez SC500n, S540LTD, JPMP2, RG4207, Takamine 12 string acoustic, Alvarez 6 string acoustic, 3/4 size Ovation acoustic... Mesa/Boogie V-Twin rackmount preamp, Mesa 20/20 stereo poweramp, Samson Wireless, Digitech RP20, and a Bad Horsie Wah Pedal... I think thats all.. hehe

    Wait, you already know that, your the singer! lol

  3. yeah, your right. i am the singer. singers can't buy to much equipment but my dumb ass found a way. i have the DOD Votek Vocal Processor by Sure. and for some crazy reason i decided to buy a Roland V-Drum Studio Session Kit on E-bay. I guess it was the Kick ass deal i got on it. Also i was starting a band and we needed a place to practice and all i have is a simple 1 bdrm apt with someone living above me. these drums kick ass cause they are electronic and silent. i record them into mine ane hemp knights Tascam 788 24- bit hard disk recorder. the kit sounds as real as any real kit i've heard recorded. i'm really proud of them.
  4. my drums inclde the following:
    Tama (red marble) 6pc. kit
    dw5000 pedal
    Ludwig steel snare
    zildjian cymbals
    -14' schimitar HH
    -12' thin crash
    -16' rock crash
    -16' china

    with the added feature of it sounding like shit...I really enjoy my kit (when I play)

    ....sup jay.
  5. Love Bud: Those V-Drums are awesome! I couldn't afford the stage set, so I picked up the club set. It's actually not that bad. The brain has some decent tones, but not recording worthy.

    I play an Ernie ball musicman stingray 5 string bass, run through a line 6 bass pod pro, then a QSC rmx1450 power amp to an ampeg 8x10 cabinet. It bumps for sure.

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  6. travis... yeah you can't loose with roland. I really wanted to record drums but i didn't have alll the limiters and compessors, not to mention mics, to record a life kit. so i realized i had to get the red kit from roland.
    by the way, thats a hell of a bass amp you got there. ernie ball and QSC are two names that are well respected in music. I'm actually in the market for one. i'm sure you would recomend an ernie ball. thanks to this drumset, an ernie ball isn'tin my price range... hahah anyway. keep on jammin & tokin bro. we'll be talkin
  7. Well now, I have two sets of gear, one each for the two split personality bands I play in.

    JPT Scare Band (Pysch Jam Band Deluxe); Our new indie CD, Past Is Prologue, has jams from the 70s, 90s and 00s. On the 70s stuff, I was playing a five piece 1963 Ludwig kit that I bought from a pawn shop in 1971. It was originally orange sparkle, but in 1974 I took all the hardware off the shells and painted them flat black. The orange sparkle was just too happy and the Scare Band does not play a particularly happy style of music.

    The 90s stuff, I was using my 6 ply maple custom 5 piece kit from KC Drumworks. I still have that set. Have always used 100% Avedis Zildjian cymbals with my acoustic kits. I have a nice bunch that I have been lugging around for quite a while. 22" ride, 18" thin crash, 16" thin crash and a pair of 14" medium hi hats.

    For the 21st century, I am using a combination of Roland, Pintech and Yamaha pads run through a Roland TD-8.

    You can hear the electronic drums on "Burn In Hell" and "Amazons," which are available as free downloads at The KC Drumworks kit is featured on "I've Been Waiting" and "Wino." The old Ludwigs can be heard on "Sleeping Sickness," "Time To Cry," Titan's Siren's" and "Jerry's Blues," some of which are available as downloads from the web site.

    I just remembered another weird old drum set that I used to own. They were designed by Bill Zeikos, the guy who first patented plexiglass drums. These things were made of fibreglass and were shaped kind of like little tympani drums, only had one head each. They were mounted on a rack and were quite modern and never really found acceptance. I got mine in 1975. There is a photo of that drum kit in the booklet on the Scare Band CD, "Sleeping Sickness" on Monster Records and I think there may still be a photo of those drums on the Monster Records web site Those drums can be heard on the backwards psychedelic snippet of "It's Too Late" on the Past Is Prologue CD.

    Jakob Kayne Band (Southern Rock); In this band, I am the keyboard player. I play a Roland U-20 through a Peavey KB300 amp. That Peavey is one loud mofo!! I also own a 1980s vintage Korg CX-3 which I run through a Leslie Combo Preamp into my pride and joy, an early 1960s Leslie 147 rotating speaker tone cabinet. My Leslie is just way too cool. I bought the Leslie and preamp in 1991 for 350 bucks!! I have never put a new tube in the thing and it growls and screams like no other.


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