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  1. Has anybody tried using music? I've read a few articles stating that relaxing music, especially classical, improves growth. I'm sure the plants don't care about the music per se, but maybe soft sound waves help stimulate the plants. I'm interested to see if it has or has not worked for anybody so far.
  2. Have had grow rooms over the years where I used radios to cover the sound of fans. Nothing was different.
  3. mythbusters said it was plausible

    Talking helps plants grow.


    Seven small greenhouses were set up on the M5 Industries roof. Four were set up with stereos playing endlessly looping recordings (as having the Mythbusters actually talk to the plants could contaminate the samples with their expelled carbon dioxide): Two of negative speech, two of positive speech (Kari and Scottie each made one positive and one negative soundtrack), a fifth with classical music and a sixth with intense death metal music. A seventh greenhouse, used as a control sample, had no stereo. The greenhouses with the recordings of speech grew better than the control, regardless of whether such talk was kind or angry. The plants in the greenhouse with the recording of classical music grew better, while the plants in the greenhouse with the recording of intense death metal grew best of all.

    DEATH METALLLLL. if there's any merit to that study, i'm already in pretty good standing.
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    Hey mates, good to see people intrested in out of the ordinary techniques. Come to this thread, take a look. I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

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