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  1. name some tracks..

    Portishead - Revenge Of The Number(Trip-Hop Reconstruction)

    Kid Loco - Here Come The Munchies

    DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

    The Doors - Soul Kitchen

    Doors - The End

    DJ Shadow vs. Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze

    Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song

    Peanut Butter Wolf - Tale Of Five Cities

    People Under the Stairs - San Fransisco Knights

    Reggae Jazz Trip-Hop Dub - Tricky - Aftermath Hip Hop Blues

    Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

    Rolling Stones - Paint it black
  2. savatage -necrophila

    rugburns-my car phones on the pill

    nervana-territorial pissings


    life of agony-underground

    savatage-silk and steal

    5-8 -- werdo

    iron madin -moonchild

    black sabith -ferrys were boots

    ozzy -road to nowhere

    they mite be giants-dead

    corrosion or conformity-dance of the dead
  3. Led Zep...Tangerine

    Black Sabbath....War pigs

    Mr Scruff.....get a move on

    Belle and Sebastian....Legal man

    The Music.....Jag tune

    Catherine wheel...Sparks are gonna fly

    Muse....Plug in baby

    The Doors....Spanish caravan


    EZ Rollers...Walk this land

    Ian Brown....Fear

    Inspiral Carpets....This is how it feels

    Tim Buckley...Sweet Surrender

    Steppenwolf....The Pusher

    Jefferson Airplane....White Rabbit

    Leftfield....Phat Planet

    Rae and Christian....A Distant Invitation

    well that's some of my fav's.......Peace out....Sid
  4. Herbaliser - Mr.Chombee Has The Floor

    Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock

    portishead - Acid Jazz and Trip Hop (Remix)

    Pennywise - Perfect People

    Bob Marley - Jammin

    Groove Armada - Inside My Mind
  5. reggae vibewise- ganjaman
  6. Zao - Repressed; Endure; To Think Of You Is To Treasure An Absent Memory

    Bob Marley - Jammin; These 3 Birds; One Love

    Pink Floyd - Hey You; Another Brick In The Wall

    Heinous Anus - Big Bong Theory

    Live - Lightning Crashes; The Dolphins Cry

    DC Talk - The Hardway (from their live cd)

    Metallica - Low Man's Lyric; Fixxxer; One; Ride The Lightning; Dyer's Eve; The Unforgiven

    and a lot more...
  7. Morbid Angel-God of emptines (remix)

    Atari Teenage Riot-Rage, Sex, Destroy 2000 years of culture, Digital Hard Core.

    Fist Fuck INC.-Electro Trash

    Satyricon-Supersonic Journey, Tied in bronze chains

    Republic Of Desire-Shiva, Memory manager, Locust Swarm

    Neurosis-The Doorway, Away, Stones from the sky

    Godflesh-Crush my soul (remix), I Me Mine,

    Aborym-(the techno track from Fire Walk With us! propably here's no god or something like that)

    Skinny Puppy-Death, Worlock

    Ulver-anything from perdition city or silencing the singing

    Ozric tentacles-anything from them!


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