Music VS. Intelligence

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    I doubt the validity of this study. On a side note, none of the bands deemed "metal" are in fact metal.
  2. Very flawed study. My friend who listens to a lot of music that you would associate with less-intelligent people actually got a 36 on his ACT.
  3. music has made me smarter. you can learn life shit from a good artist, its like talking to an old man
  4. Well the first problem is that the SAT does not measure intelligence. So it falls flat right from the start. Personally, I think there might be a correlation with intelligence and music, but I sort of doubt it. There are a lot of variables to consider.
  5. 98% of the time music has alot to do with cliques until later in life but most people nowadays people mostly listen to what popular which really can show intelligence to a degree ( like not thinking for your self sort of thing ) but really
    with the 2% of the population who still listen to real music are just different
    and probably just understand music better than the masses.
  6. Get ready for this one, boys and girls. It's a facebook data mining study. Virgil took total counts of college students listings by preferred music artists and weighted it against the SAT score. So if you had any listed musicians on your facebook in early 2009 and were in college, it was likely used computing it. I'd say the math is right but the sample isn't representative...since not everyone has a facebook account or updates it to cover everything.

  7. What does having over 750 Wayne and gucci songs on my iPod mean if I also have albums by Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Nas, Van Morrison, The Roots, Mos Def, and Coltrane on it to?
  8. Furthermore, what does it mean if I listen to punk and metal but got a 1340? I'm supposed to be simpleton, right? :p

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