Music to listen to while high?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by stonergrlfriend, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Im gonna make a mix of music to listen to while high and I need some ideas. I'm including Bob Marley of course, but I need some other suggestions. I'm definately including "Smoke Two Joints" if I can find it too. Please help me out, maybe you have a fav CD you listen to.
  2. I like to listen to some

    Tool- any album
    A Perfect Circle- either of theirs
    Radiohead- anyone of theres
    Pink Floyd- of course

    Anything else that I find on my comp or in my cds
  3. Read my sig VVV
  4. ...zeppelin, beatles, floyd, marley, bone thugs, grateful dead...

  5. Whats that written on? And yes i def recmend Phish, and the Mars Volta
  6. i saw this thread last week......
  7. System of a down
  8. 80s music is so tight when you're high, stuff like a flock of seagulls, duran duran, prince

  9. yup. search on this topic and watch ohw many come up.
  10. i can't really listen to anything heavy when i'm baked, spoils the mood i thikn, so i'd have to go with,
    the easy all stars
    pink floyd
    ry cooder

  11. Hahaha if thats you in your avatar you kinda look like flock of seaguls, ps, FOS was a synthesizor abusing crap fest with one catchy riff.
  12. listen to kyuss "welcome to sky valley." the album is arranged in 3 movements and when you listen to this album you just sort of drift. its very cool music its heavy and repetitive but not like metal heavy plus kyuss is the band that created stoner rock so i recomend them to anyone, even people that dont like heavy music might like it.
  13. Breaking Benjamin-So Cold
    Drowning Pool- Tear Away
    Cold-my tragedy
    Linkin Park-My December not the remix version

  14. Slags off somebody elses tastes??
    Doesn't answer the question of the original post???
    Uses a double negative for his location?????

    Dumb fuck.

    Try listening to Tangerine Dream or maybe if you like more blues style music give the Animals a listen.
  15. Smashing pumpkins
    System of a Down
    Pink Floyd
    Peter framton
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Linkin Park
    .....I'm sure there are more.....Foo fighters....
  16. The song "The Gates of Delirium" by Yes. It's on the album Relayer. Actually, anything by Yes is good except for the "Owner of Lonely Heart" bullshit which i don't even consider to be Yes at all.
  17. gotta have some crosby stills nash young, id go with helplessly hoping, long time gone, and carry on oh and also white rabbit by jefferson airplane
  18. I like just chillin and listenin to some Bob Marley or Sublime... like put on "three little birds" "is this love" "no woman no cry" "stir it up"... "pawn shop" "smoke 2 joints" "garden grove" "get ready" "wrong way" "what i got" "40 oz to freedom"... haha its all good..
  19. MGMT is usually a good choice. i would also recommend the Allman Brothers

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