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  1. I'm a sophmore in college right now, and i hate it. I go to a decent state university, and i went in as an engineering major - a very difficult program to get into. Last year, second semester, i had the sense to realize how much i hated engineering, and switched my major to Journalism and Political Science, two things that interest me a lot more. My parents wouldnt let me switch out of engineering unless i could have a very compelling and convincing argument, so i said id major in poly sci, and go to law school.

    Thing is, i hate school so fucken much, its ridiculous. I have my own house with some friends off campus, and more often then not, i skip class, and just chill in my room, listening to and writing music. Music is truly the only thing i care about, and i know my chances of making any money in music are slim to none (even though i consider myself quite good at it - probably my best, and true talent). School isn't even hard, but for some reason i just dont care - i feel like im only here for my parents. I only feel guilty about doing bad because of parents, not myself... i really dont care about being here. The only good thing about it is the people i've met. I've done a decent job keeping my grades up, but im fucking up bad this semester, and i have a hunch ill be on academic probation next year.

    shit, it stresses me out so much. I dont want to be here, and i dont really feel like my degrees will lead to anything. I do enjoy writing/journalism, but i can do that without a degree.

    I hate money, and its the only reason im here - i dont want to be here, and i dont want to care about money. I want to play music, i want to write music, and i want people to hear me. thats it. ugh. im sorry for the pointless thread... im just insanely confused and frustrated, and i guess i just need to vent, and typing it out on the city seems to always help with that... not to mention i know some of you blades will give some good responses (while some of you will give annoying ones, but its cool... just dont lecture me, i already know lol)
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    I dropped out of college to be an artist, and even though I'm doing what I love, I regret it every day. The stress of college doesn't even come close to the stress of living in the real world.

    If you don't want to care about money, then the best thing you can do is finish your degree and get a job where you earn enough that you truly don't have to care about it. If you're struggling just to pay your bills, money will ALWAYS be an issue. And in this economy, you need every advantage you can get.

    If what you really love is music and writing, then they will still be there in 2 years when you graduate. What would dropping out now accomplish?
  3. 10 years from now when your making 12-15$/hr you will think back about those few measily years at college that could earn you 90k a year with that engineering degree. i know right now money doesnt seem like it means much.. but when your older and you got lots of bills to pay you will see how much that degree is worth.. stick it out
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    yea - i never mentioned dropping out... its not an option. My parents would never allow it anyways. Half the time confusion keeps me from going to class, and half the time anxiety keeps me bed-ridden - its becoming a problem.

    My goal now is the same that its always been - finish my degree, and then completely ignore it and work on my music. Only thing is, i know that once i have my degree, i'll fall into the gears of society, and just start working my 9-5, since i'll be forced into taking a job based off my degree that makes money, as opposed to doing what i want to do which doesn't. i fucken hate this. i dont see my life going anywhere i want it to unless i can make a living off music. I dont really want a family, i dont really care about a big house, or a nice car - but i also don't want to be financially confined - but i also dont want to not be financially confined doing something i dont like...

    my friend and i always jokingly (since 8th grade) said if we didn't make it in music by age 30, we'd might as well kill ourselves - id never off myself, but that joke seems more and more serious every day

    engineering is long gone, and im glad. I switched my major this year to journalism and political science - two degrees that id enjoy having but wont make me much money anways. First day of journalism class, the teacher asked everyone why they wanted to be in journalism. everyone mentioned some type of ambition - her response was "good, none of you mentioned money - cause most of you probably won't make much"
  5. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I think it's a great idea to get your degree first, and then try to go somewhere with your music career. I know it's a cliche, but having something to fallback on is invaluable when you're an artist.

    One thing to consider: When you turn a hobby or a passion into a job, it becomes just that... a JOB. I love photography, but doing it as a career is much different then doing it as a hobby. It becomes a daily stress just like any other job.

    I think we've discussed this before, but if you love music, performing isn't the only career option. There's teaching, writing music reviews (to keep it close to your major), owning a music/record store or a recording studio, etc. All of those things would make great careers.

    Having a good job, and earning money doesn't have to be about having the big house and fancy car. My husband and I together earn a very good living, but we have a small house and a modest car. This allows us to use our money for things that make a difference in our life like traveling, art, enjoying good food, helping our families and making sure our son has a good education. We've also been dirt poor and had to struggle to pay our bills. That's the only time in my life that I ever had to spend caring about money.

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