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music programs

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by gravy, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. what music progs do you all use now a days... if any...?

    soul seek is great when it worked...
  2. for downloading I use winmx, kazaa or irc, for creating I use frootyloops and sound forge
  3. Download: DC++

    Making: Cubase, Reason 2.0, Absynth 1.3. Fruity (for trying rhytms etc.)

  4. is the best but alot of hubs don't let you on unless you have a certain amont of stuff...
  5. alright I'm assuming were talking d/l then?

    If so, I use Kazaa Lite K++, its amazing how much that K++ on the title helps out, so much better then regular KL. If I want to sample a whole album (I'm no leech, I'll buy a cd if its good, but I burn it for 3 friends, as a way of taking back some of the outrageous price they charged me) I use mIRC. Gotta love packetnews.com
  6. woah.. loads.

    so which software is easy to use, yet versatile, diverse and comprehensive and other nice words to describe software?

    i use:
    Rave Ejay with all the additions packs
    sound recorder :D
    SoundForge (kinda crap... but it has its uses)
    ... recently downloaded Fruity Loops. .... damn that software is nice. :)
  7. Fruity loops is easy to use but sounds bad doesn't really let you do that much...

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