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  1. By Rama Kumaraswamy Thoopal

    Are your ferns drooping more than usual? Perhaps a bit of music may perk it up, for it is a known fact that music plays an important role in plant growth. But plants are choosy about the kind of music they want to hear.

    Experiments show that plants thrive if soothing instrumental music is played in the background. On the other hand they shrivel and die if exposed to heavy metal or rock music. And now a Japanese company has created a gadget that puts you in touch with the 'feelings' of plants.

    This gadget gauges the electrical activity in plants and can register a plant's response when exposed to music. The device is called the Plantone and has two sensor clips that are attached to the leaves of the plant.

    When the device's lamp turns red, it means a strong electrical current has passed within the plant's cells. It signifies a positive response. A green light on the other hand occurs when the cell electrical signals are weak, signifying a negative or unhappy response.

    So plants respond to music, but did you know that plants create music, too? Well, a biologist from England, Dr Linda Long, has discovered that the molecular structure of proteins found in plants can be used to create music. The question is how.

    All living matter contains proteins. Proteins are the basic building blocks of life and are essential for cell growth, muscular movement and transmission of hereditary characteristics.

    Seven sequences for seven notes
    Proteins are made up of a group of an organic compound called amino acids. These amino acids are nothing but combination of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur.

    Dr. Long grouped these combinations into seven sequences. Then she related the seven sequences with the seven musical notes - a note per sequence.

    After this she created a software which simply read the structure of a protein and converted it into the corresponding musical notes. They thought they would get random notes; instead the sequence formed a tune.

    Each protein in a plant has its own specific tune, which means that if an organism has 100 proteins, 100 musical compositions can be created. Dr Long, who plays the keyboard apart from studying plant proteins, has now turned artist.

    She has made a 25 minute CD called Music of Plants by putting together the tunes created by certain proteins found in the common coriander and mustard plant, among others.

    For her next musical project she intends to turn the proteins found in the human body into music. And considering the human body has an estimated 30,000 different proteins, she certainly has her work cut out!
  2. Mine are big Lee 'Scratch' Perry fans.

    And they play Clarinet. Grade four.

  3. my plant is a bad ass mofo, he only bump's andre nickatina and cougnut, when he macks his ho's ;)

    ya i read about this awile ago but i felt that i would look retarted if i posted it.
  4. This is a joke right?
  5. no this is the truth, a few years ago they did a study with ferns in england. One had classical music playing, the other had gangsta rap. The one with the Classical music did alot better then the other one. Dont know why but it works.
  6. I think SJ is one of the greatest growers here, doubt he'd have false info :p. Also studies of this sort has been done, though I never heard that Rap was bad for them, pity cause thats all mine are gonna get to here while I have em, lol ;)
  7. i hear that alot of deep bass is good for them, something about the low frequency waves
  8. flat out ,like a bat out offf hell.:D...ain,t no volume loud enough .
  9. my plants like to listen to Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix:hippie:
  10. I have exposed my plant to metal. (B.T.B.A.M) and well now my fucking plant is a preflowering male..what luck
  11. They Seem to grow faster when i let em listen to metalic or Bob Segar

    this stuff is true
  12. Ima try to give mines some beats from Kanye West his music is so soothing and heavenly if that doesnt work classical it is
  13. I will have to play some music to mine.

    Puff the Magic Dragon for starters I reckon.
  14. Hmmmm, i do beleive this is when my grow room is complete (very close to) i'll put a small cd player in there and probably leave them with the soothing sounds of Salmonella Dub, Katchafire, Marley or Hendrix... i'm sure they'd be happy with either ;)
  15. Wheres my mp3 player and my speakers, just down loadin classical classics to play to em.
    Cheers for the info superjoint.
  16. Who needs a scientific study to find out which music which plants like best?
    Just play some Reggae music for MJ and you'd be fine man!;)
  17. I was wondering if I were to get my plants high would the co2 and buddah get them high maybe they get the munchies and drink mad water?

    This could just be a very bad stoner idea..:confused:

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